Off topic complaints about Rewards & Brave

Brave was a good idea. A bit better than surveys that takes up a few hours to earn only a few dozen bucks. Now it became a joke where a whole month of attention isn’t even worth a sheet of toilet paper.
Then What are the actual pros of Brave ? None.
What are the cons ?
1 / Sites that used to work properly and load quite faster than on most other browsers return errors often or become inaccessible. Privacy parameters are a joke. Every search on google shows the most relevant results based on your location on the first few pages. Location that the search engine shouldn’t know.
2 / Uphold wallet on Eth network which literally prevent you to withdraw your earnings unless you a pay a fee that’s many times higher than what you can earn in centuries with Brave. And it’s not a figure of speech.

I put up with the small drawbacks of Brave until now. But as it seems that Brave and BAT are only a way to mock users and potential consumers, I will stop this adventure as soon as I find a suitable browser. Or I will return to Firefox. Farewell Brave

Between all the security threats Brave must keep ahead of the privacy it provides, unlike Google. They are pioneers in paying your attention to ads of which I have had a positive experience so far other than BlockFi. Steady improvements to the UI since I joined. Fast customer service. Plus they are competing with the juggernaut Google while doing all this. A good amount of housekeeping as well. I wouldn’t be more patient with them working out any bugs.

I would have to disagree. I use Brave for the inbuilt shields and protection. Also the ad blocking is best in class.
Also even if I am not earning much BATs it’s okay for me. Sometimes something is better than nothing I guess. Guess what, on chrome you were seeing ads and not getting anything in return. Here you atleast earn a few BATs. Stop cribbing!

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To be honest, personally, I have made my decision. I am not participating in the new rewards programme, because:

  1. Some of the devices I sue are corporate devices. I am not allowed to connect to my Uphold account;
  2. The reward they are currently paid per ad is so low that it does not even pay the extra energy of running the browser as default. Brave demands too much of CPU;

Saying so, I keep using Brave for some private privacy usage. But for most of the work, private and professional, I will use a more light weight and stable browser.


You’re probably the only one earning “a few BATs”. It was more or less fine while the earnings were 3-4 BATs per months. Though it was symbolic, it still was a semblance of respect for users attention. Earning a thousandth BAT a day is the same as no earning. The difference is you spend time watching ads and enduring Brave’s bugs. Braves doesn’t provide privacy as all my search are centered on my location. Brave is the first and only browser linked to cryptos I use and there won’t be a second. Most people using Brave aren’t there to become rich, but they do hoped to have get some consideration.


Switched to Vivaldi. This whole fiasco around vBats and how it’s being handled by the management of Brave made me realise that I was the ‘product’.

Been accumulating BAT’s going on two years during which time Brave promised wallet solutions will come. Now they say you either withdraw via Upold or lose everything. They don’t give a flying kite whether you’re actually able to do so or not, its not their problem. They’ve been paid ages ago by the advertiser for the ads you watched so why would they care.

As said, I switched to Vivaldi and must say I’m actually thankful this whole thing happened. Very happy with the browser and I personally believe it’s a far superior product. Just go check the features. Built in mail, calendar, mobile version with encrypted sync, no ads and strong privacy settings. Also just as fast as Brave, if not even faster, in some cases and also one of the very few calendars I could find that could sync my Apple calendars and reminders into one place.

Should have switched years ago.

Come to think of it, Brave is actually no better than any other browser with ads as they make you watch it and never pay you for it, just like all the others.

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