Who here thinks 50 ads are worth 0.5 USD?

Just like the title of this form… Who here thinks 50 ads are worth 0.5 USD? Because thats what I got so far.
Okay you may think “well I would do it”, so let me rephrase this question.
Who here thinks 40hrs of brousing on this browser for 0.4 dollars is worth the time when its not operating properly even now?


I work 100% from a platform, so i get more here than I did last 2 years doing this job. USD$2,5 per month is better than 0.

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I don’t. So I turn off that feature.

Brave is a good enough (secure enough) browser that I don’t need to get paid to use it. Not the only browser I use, but it is my default browser.


@nz0122 Anything is better then nothing, as you are already surfing the web either way. At least this way, you are not bombarded with ads and trackers.

You can opt out of the rewards if you would like, simply by turning ads off, and if you decide to click on a brave ads, you get something out of it rather then nothing. Makes complete sense.

It is up to you to determine if you think getting something rather then nothing, (no mater how much or little it is) is worth having the ads turned on.

Also, the point of brave isn’t just to get paid for clicking ads. It is far more then that. If that’s the only reason you are using the browser, then pray to the crypto god to send BAT to the moon :rocket:


Well, I don’t really pay attention to how much BAT I receive - like apparently many people care the most about.

I am doing my stuff and if I get BAT on the side, it’s great.

But then again, I don’t understand why people are grinding for BAT on 4 different devices?!


Ok so,
1st Brave browser is safer than Google.
chrome and no personal data is collected.
​2nd With most browsers and web pages we visit we have to endure those ad’s for free, while the others make money from every click.
3rd Brave opened up a new and revolutionizing way of browsing, you get the opportunity to passively collect BAT coin to either invest or hodl. And also get the opportunity to get paid in tips for your content. Finally they so generously came up with the idea to make the ads into notifications that doesn’t affect user experience.
In conclusion I believe Brave is the best there is and BAT will be worth a lot in the future.

Thanks for reading! Tips are appreciated.


Maybe because these few dollars that we get in BAT are so much more when they change them to a “third world” country currency :sweat_smile:


I didn’t think of that. Yeah, that makes sense, actually! Thanks for pointing that out!


then use google and earn nothing. compounding gains, then interest on rewards, make using brave a no lose —and after a year or so they do add up

Check your settings that you have the maximum ads per hour selected. It defaults to the least amount. This will increase your rewards a little bit.

Brave is not meant to be a huge mining tool, it provides a safer browser. The ads are there to pay the billings for Brave and give you a small incentive to use brave. The incentive is a lot better than what you get from edge, IE, Chrome or Firefox…etc which is zero, zip, nada.

I will say one thing for certain, that my BAT will be worth x10 in a few years so if you don’t like yours I’ll gladly accept them. :+1:

when did I said I dont like my Bats? :joy: I wouldn’t have the rewards enabled if that was the case, I’m from Colombia brw :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: