Big Thank You to Brave

Hi everyone. I know there are so many issues we as users are facing right now, ranging from unsupported region to issues with Rewards and payout. I think we have to also step back and look at the positives the browser has brought to our individual lives. I for one may not have been tipping my BAT just like most of us on This platform eventhough we know it’s the right thing to do, yet Brave still continues to reward our attention unconditional. For this, I say thank you Brave


I want to remind you that brave doesn’t reward anyone.
The advertisers do!!!
And brave takes 30% for himself. I would say that brave makes money off you and you say thank you. At the same time he doesn’t want to give back the tokens you earned.


Technically you are right, but it’s also true that Brave provided the platform for these advertisers to pay me. There are so many browsers out there, but I’m yet to see the one that give 1% of what advertisers pay them, let alone the 70%. So while it might be true that Brave makes 30% off me, it is also true that they could have decided to keep the 100% and just carry on just as every other browser does


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