Do Not Use this Browser for Rewards

They will repeatedly fail to pay out claiming “Ohh don’t worry it will arrive late sometimes.” Lies. It will never arrive and I am done having to fight for a pathetic payout of <$2 a month.

This browser provides nothing that Adblock Plus ( doesn’t already do for you and provides no advantages over chrome. Uninstalling this trash software

There is a reason the top issue is always “I didn’t get a payout when I should have.” Its because there are no payouts and this is a scam

nonsense, I’ve gotten rewards without issue for over a year now. well no issues with brave, uphold verification was a pain and took far longer than I’d like.

@steeven any help for this “case”?

I occasionally get rewards as well. It’s only about half the time that my rewards vanish, or the claim button never appears, or the tipping triangle goes away. The rest of the time, I actually get paid. It’s wonderful on the few occasions that Brave Rewards actually pays out.

I’m only left wondering about half the time what happens to the advertising revenue that gets paid by advertisers but that somehow never makes it all the way to the Brave user.

When we understand that Brave has no need to support us, to give us a salary, then we will stop making that kind of criticism. I agree that they have terrible support and many things are not so clear, but they only reward us for the advertising that IF we decide to see, they are not obliged to give us a salary that solves our lives.

My experience with them has been one of many ups and downs, but I am not complaining because I know very well that this is not a job.

Hi @IronWalnut

We apologize if you have not received your rewards, if you could kindly send me a DM of your wallet payment ID (found at brave://rewards-internals). I can look into the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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