Appreciation to Brave!

I want to thanks Brave and Brave Support as I got my 1st Brave Payout, I felt so delighted :hugs: first for having me such wonderful experiences with most privacy oriented Brave Browser, then much appreciate Rewards Program and Brave Support responses from moderaters.
Thank You !
@steeven @Mattches @Adrian_02 @jsecretan @fmarier @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana @megaspaz @saereV @JohnDproof and to all Brave community.



Brave Support is always happy to help and ensure users have a pleasant experience.

Happy Browsing,

Salty :banana:


I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your experience with us, BuNNty. As long as. you’re using Brave, we’ll try and keep your experience as smooth as possible.


After using Brave I was speechless,
over many years was using Crap browser like Chrome
Brave is to Awesome, More Privacy and no Ads🤗


Amazing! The Support replies to an appreciation thread almost at the speed of light, but what about some of us that haven’t seen a dime for 3/5 months? Contacting on each single possible channel, and they will never answer you back! Look at all the posts here and see by yourself. It’s all fun and delightment until they stop paying you, ending up with dead numbers on your wallet.

Thank you for the most frustrating browser out there, Brave.

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Every One has it’s own experiences,
Most Humans died without full satisfaction, means No one can be fully satisfied, it’s is the matter what have and have not,
My personal experience I have to study and search lot of stuff in internet, before the browser I used (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) no one can block stupiid Ads while browsing,
Worst Chrome browser they STEAL cookie to show focused ADS various Reports suggests that Google collect Data even from incognito mode, and selling to make millions with our data and in the end we get NOTHING.

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That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind …

I get my first payout too and then … nothing and issues persist … :rofl:

Your Comment doesn’t make any Sense, is it!