Move free rewards to the rubbish bin

Utilizo o brave pela segurança, e não por recompensas :slight_smile:

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Well, let’s see if you really won’t comment anymore.
Firstly, first you say the troll comment gets old, and next you continue with the troll comment. So you continue with an old comment. You continue with a comment, just for the sake of using that comment.

Nobody ever said dislike keeps creators from earning revenue. That’s on you. Youtube creators don’t earn less money, because people dislike a video. If such a thing were true, ‘Baby Shark’ would never be the #1 Youtube video.

If you did, I wouldn’t ask. Also, I ask a question, and you deny to answer me.

That’s not where billions of users come from. If users don’t care, they don’t use.

That’s not true.

It has everything to do with the matter of using free rewards. Numbers of userbase reflect user experience. Free rewards are no matter of user experience of browser usage. Therefore, free rewards have no effect on user growth.

Also, not true.

I don’t need to interview billions, when I already know billions use chrome.

Not true.

Not true.

I’ve never discussed age.

Free rewards are a bad business model.


Again with the name-calling.

Not my opinion.

Indeed. Refuted by the few people on earth who actually care for free rewards.

Congratulations, few people on earth care.

Firstly, not my opinion. Secondly, you yourself could counter billions of users? Don’t make me laugh.

No. Speed is priority #1 to usage of a browser. Which is why Chrome dominates.

At that point? You’ve been incorrectly telling me a million times about my opinion, only to suddenly say that it’ll only be my opinion if I happen to dislike Brave? Don’t make me laugh.

Not my opinion.


Goodbye, one dude on earth who chooses to use a browser, because of free rewards.

LOL I think you are proving many of the points @Saoiray posted. IMO (yes, I am one opinion only and that makes you right and me wrong :wink: but to continue) your entire reply actually reinforces points he was trying to make. But that last line made me laugh out loud. Thank-you.

Also, I just wanted to mention it appears you forgot to add somewhere within the reply…

And yes, I am being a little snarky just couldn’t help myself! Sorry. BUT I really enjoyed participating in this post. I had fun responding and enjoyed reading others’ opinions. I came away with a much better understanding of why some people object to BAT Rewards. That was definitely a positive for me!

I’m still gonna go with that free rewards are no matter of user experience of browser usage.

I’ve never said one cannot be right. What I’m saying is that the worst way to understand user experience, of browser usage, to user growth, is by solely looking at yourself.
I’ve already said to saoiray that an individual cannot counter billions, when it comes to user experience of browser usage, to user growth.
And, yes, I know I’m being repetitive. All that I say and post is all about one and the same thing.

Alright, let’s use your grandmother, getting to install a browser & extension, as an example. So, say your grandma is able to start-up her windows computer, use her mouse, open up the factory installed web browser, use her keyboard to type, hit the button that says ‘download’, save the file to her system, open up the file, and install Brave.
Now, this grandmother, who would be able to do all that by herself, would not be able to type, go to features>extensions>explore more extensions, search for an extension, open up an extension, and hit the button that says ‘add to brave’.
If your grandmother can get herself to use brave, and not to get herself to use an extension, then tell me, what’s harder about getting to use an extension, than to getting to use a web browser?

What I said was without any intention of escalating/aggravating. People name-call me a troll, and I respond as professional as I can.

:laughing: I did admit in that post I was being snarky but I wasn’t trying to escalate, I promise. And my funny bone was tickled - I was still grinning when I posted. Jordy was quite cordial in his response. I don’t think he would have had any problem telling me if he was offended. So… wait, are you trying to escalate, hmmm :thinking:

I’ll repeat what I said in the post because that was my main intent in posting:

I really enjoyed participating in this post. I had fun responding and enjoyed reading others’ opinions. I came away with a much better understanding of why some people object to BAT Rewards. That was definitely a positive for me!


Someone who gets me, concerning my responses, that is.

I don’t know if I object. It’s Brave who gets to choose. I’m seeing potential with Brave. I see Brave already making some good use of that potential. The potential is the user growth. That’s the reason why I titled this post the way I did. When talking about making the best of use of Brave’s potential, to user growth, they’re better off getting rid of free rewards.
It’s clear where Chrome excels. It excels at its basics. Browsing the web. It’s how billions of users use a web browser. With a single tab. With raw text. And thanks to Chrome with near-perfect speed. Naturally, the billions of users follow Chrome.
In the matter of that perspective, of the user growth such as Chrome’s, then yes, there’s no place for free rewards.
Now, you might wonder ‘if free rewards are irrelevant to user growth such as Chrome’s, then why bother removing them?’ Because continuing with free rewards is wasted efforts. The more efforts are spend at things that are crucial to user growth such as Chrome’s, the more user growth such as Chrome’s.

You’ve explained it right there. Extensions require to be managed by the user. Browsers do not need to be managed.
Hey, you’ve made that clear to me. Thanks.
So, there you go, Brave, Inc. This is the mainstream user. They do not want to be responsible for managing anything. It’s effort, effort the mainstream user has no reason for.
Which is exactly why billions use a web browser with only a single tab, with only raw text. The mainstream user has no reason to use a web browser for anything else.
Ha-ha, I’ve proven to myself why I’m correct.

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