Dear Brave community

This is an address to everyone, including the people behind this project.

Recently there has been a Brave rewards debacle. Losing support for regions that were supported in the past. This is terrible news.

I think there are many things that are being done wrong. Of course, we know all the good things Brave does. That’s just the point. It doesn’t seem to capitalize on its strengths and mission.

Instead, we get an embarrassing and deeply sad implementation with Solana. I don’t know if this is due to a lack of research or direction so let’s clear some things again.

Brave proposal is privacy through decentralizing ads. To empower the user to own their data and attention. Simple! In the past 4 years, there hasn’t been much work in this area.
We got some features, that weren’t really critical to this one important piece. Perhaps the technology was not ripe yet. But I bet the technical implementation is just as demanding and if you were to perhaps write one, then by the time it was finished the technology would have been available.

It is important to implement this strategy. Decentralize ad attention and fully compensate the user. The next step is developing a cookie technology that does the same thing. Collects custom data, anything you want or need in a transparent and user-owned way.

This is enough to stimulate a breakthrough in research and information gained on data willfully given and fairly compensated. Everyone can plug into the ecosystem and flourish.

Don’t give up. Mistakes can be pivoted from. If Brave doesn’t do this, then who will? We put a lot of faith in you, and we’re all still getting used to the actual, possible tangibilities. I don’t know how else I can help.

Get off the Solana horse. Study L2 technology on Ethereum. Focus on one thing and do it well. Decentralized ads and data. The browser works like a charm, and the ad blocker is fantastic. Go back to the start and the original mission. All of these distractions are time and resource-consuming for your team. Less is more. I believe the payout system could be made fully automatic and trustless. Based on a smart contract and oracle network. As well as everything else. Lot’s of work to do. And I don’t know who else will do it. And the time is now. Data can be a living. For everyone.

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True. If it goes on continuing, in the end USA will be only left and then not a single country.
Compare it to Odysee (both brave and odysee use different techniques though).

Solana ref.:

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