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i have updated both brave browser and metamask wallet extension now my metamask wallet wont connect to websites
i have uninstalled everything and reinstalled and still left with the same problem. The issue only happened with the latest install


@E182 ,


Be prepared to test. Trial and Error.

Get to know the Brave Browser Settings. Takes time.

You will help yourself and those trying to help you, by being thorough in your writing.

Intead of “Brave” - “Brave Browser”

Instead of “my wallet” - “my Brave Wallet” -or- “my MetaMask Wallet”

Brave Support needs to know the version of Brave Browser, and the status of all extensions that you installed – meaning, have been testing them, one-by-one, in order to find an extension that is a possible source of the problem?

Details, help. Screenshots, help.

Brave Support Templates Reference (a bit out-of-date):

How do I submit a bug report? (Official Brave Help Center article)

How to create a bug report:

There is a MetaMask Community:

I followed all recommendations but the only way to get it working again was by selecing the deprecated “Crypto wallets” option. But at least I can get MM to open again…

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Selecting Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) does not resolve this issue?

I was on metamask support chat for a hour trying to get it to work in the end they told me to use another browser

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is not relevant for new update on brave

friendly reminder to anyone who reads this to be careful with accounts pretending to be metamask support (especially on the chatting app Discord).

@E182 where did you find this ‘metamask support?’

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