Brave Wallet and Metamask

Soo im using the brave wallet, connected metamask but honestly its not working as well as I’d hope. My metamask address is different than my brave walllet now and I need to go back to using metamask. All my tokens are locked on the brave wallet address. Is there a way to transfer back to metamask address without having to pay gas?

Did you send you tokens from your MM account to your Brave wallet, or did you import your MM data while onboarding during Wallet creation?

Your tokens are not locked in Brave Wallet.
You can send the funds using a transaction.
You can also restore your seed words to another wallet.

If you did want the same address on Brave Wallet by the way, you can restore your seed words from MetaMask to Brave Wallet. Please make sure you have a backup before trying to restore as it will overwrite what was there before.