Metamask is not detected on Brave

All of the sudden with the recent Brave update I can’t connect to any web3 app with my Metamask extension. It says “Metamask is not installed” but everything was good before. Chrome does not have this problem.


Hello there @sheppardik please accept my apologies for this inconvenience, are you using Win10 or Win11?

In the meantime, I kindly suggest you try a fresh installation of the extension and make sure that on brave://settings/web3 the default wallets are set to Extensions.

I had the same problem in Mac recently. Same version of Brave. It was working fine a few days ago. I made a fresh installation of the extension. Default wallet set to Extensions. I closed all tabs, restarted Brave and the computer… still was failing to connect in most websites. It was working fine in my other Win11 computer.

Finally, I could make it work with another fresh installation, after deactivating all my other Brave extensions.

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@drt1 thanks for sharing that information and accept my apologies for the issue. @sheppardik could you please tell me if you were able to solve the issue?

FYI, I’ve just had the same issue. I use the same install of brave for a few years and never had to reinstall anything.
Setting Extensions to the Default Ethereum wallet did the trick for me. I think the last update came with a default setting which had probably overridden something.

This tip made my day. Thank you

edit: well I spoke too fast, because after restarting brave I have again the same issue :frowning:

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@rik thanks for the reply, in this case, try creating a new Brave profile by going to main menu > create a new profile to see if the issue persist while using a brand new Brave profile.

Be waiting for your response.

When using pancakeswap, I had to use ‘injected’ wallet somehow for 2 days.
Strangely enough, this is not the case anymore (rebooted/restarted brave) and all is back to normal, with the Ethereum wallet setting back to None. Thanks for your feedback.

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@rik glad to know that, if you have other concerns please let me know or open a community post in order to assist you.


Hi there @sheppardik are you still experiencing this issue or has it been resolved?

Please let me know.

Yo guys, sorry for a late reply. For anyone still having the problem, it had been resolved after I turned off Phantom wallet (solana wallet app) as a Brave extension. Now everything’s smooth. Hope It’ll help.

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@sheppardik no worries and thanks for letting us know. If you have other concerns please open a new post in order to assist you.

Have a good day. :lion:

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