How do i make brave not use so many processes

how do i make brave not use so many processes. i have tried changing in properties but does not work. brave eats up all my memory with so many processes. please help. thank you


In September 2020, Brave Community member @KatrinMaea created a report in detail, but was never answered by Brave Support:

That has 1,400 views - here at Brave Community.

If you do a search, using criteria “Brave many processes”

you will see search results about there being too many Brave processes and using too much CPU / RAM.


Brave Browser Update Service:

Brave Browser Cosmetic Filtering:

Brave Browser Task Manager:

Brave Browser Hardware Acceleration:


thank you for all the replies, but none of them give me help or instructions on how to reduce number of sorceresses???


In general, policing the processes.

Some processes, you may reduce by reducing the number of open applications. At the following link, see “How to identify and evaluate the processes” — you may realize, that you can help by Exiting / Quiting some applications.

Some processes, you may reduce, by disabling their participation at system Startup (when you start up your computer). At the following link, see “Clean up Windows 10’s Startup”

Suppose you were running Google’s Chrome Internet browser, and you found several of its processes running — but for a while you were focused upon other work, and you have not been using Chrome.

Let’s say, that using the guidance of the above link, you choose to Exit / Quit Chrome . . . yet find that some of its processes are still running. So, you close such processes.

Yet, one or more just “magically restart.” Do not worry about that. Because in general, if you close a needed process — it may do just that: get restarted.

Overall, you will probably find some items re system Startup, that you do not need to have started (and later, they will start when you launch / open the parent application).

And overall, you may learn to Exit / Quit un-used applications and tweak (cut out) apparently un-used processes thereof.

IOW, make space for whatever few applications (and their attendant processes) are the focus of your work.


Brave Browser, like many applications, may spawn processes as it needs or in preparation for what it may need.

If you Exit / Quit one of those processes, Brave Browser (like many other applications) might quickly re-launch the (or another) process.

So, in order to free up your system resources to tackle existing and/or expected work loads, you concentrate on policing the un-needed / un-used applications and processes.

sorry, but answers are to generic. i saw somewhere where you could limit them in properties? also, as an extension of my question how do you keep brave from using so much memory??? thank you

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