Brave on Win 10 hogs incredible amounts of memory

Every time I start Brave, on an Acer all in one, it immediately starts gobbling up RAM and CPU by generating multiple Brave processes.

It doesn’t matter whether I have closed individual Brave windows with/without multiple tabs, have gone to task manager and stopped each of the dozen Brave processes that ALWAYS reappear, or shut down and restart the computer.

Regardless of the method of shutting down, Brave, and the computer, this ALWAYS happens. I can start the computer, start no other processes, open Brave, and there will soon be at least a half a dozen Brave processes - some consuming outlandish amounts of memory when all that I have done is go open the browser, or gone to my own internet based, simple text html home page, or other text only websites that I created 20 years ago that have no images, and no apps…

Brave isn’t the only browser that does this - but it is really annoying that Brave is doing it because I consider that a bug not a feature.

I might be able to understand it if I was asking Brave to bring back a last session with a dozen open tabs - but this happens no matter how low the demand I make on it.

all modern browsers use multiple processes, to isolate different pages from each other, and thus enhancing security. it’s not a bug.
this happens also in firefox, edge, chrome, vivaldi, opera.
about the memory consumed… what you mean by “outlandish amounts of memory” ?
does this happens also in privacy mode?

What about sharing us how much memory consumes with a screenshot of Windows’s Task manager, but also with Brave’s task manager(press Shift+Esc while you have the browser opened), to see exactly what process uses the most RAM?


Shift+Escape does absolutely nothing, whether Brave is the active window , or not. Not sure where, or for which OS version of Brave, that might work, but it isn’t working on my recently updated Brave browser on recently updated windoze 10

So attached is a screen shot of the Task Manager memory usage. Yeah, I think 600 megabytes is excessive memory use after all the Brave processes have been killed, and the computer has been shut down and restarted and Brave restarted with two tabs open. I did kill one of the high memory usage processes before taking the pic because the computer was too slow to get it done.

and yes, I know that other browsers like google chrome and firefox also hog inordinate amounts of memory.

The question is: Why are the browsers such memory hogs?

Well that picture doesn’t show what it needs to - maybe this one will

I don’t usually use windoze much but this is the machine it is causing a dramatic problem on because it doesn’t have a ton of memory. My Xeon server can handle this but not this one.

On Windows 10 Pro, I have 22 Brave processes that use a total of just over 1GB of memory. That sounds about right.

strange that shift+esc doesn’t work, but you can still try using the menu: click three dots → other tools → task manager

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