Brave with 12 Processes and 500Mb

Is is normal to have Brave with 12 processes with 500Mb of memory while i am having one tab open? is this normal?

My Processes:

One Tab

Three extensions, two are disabled!

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Yes, it uses about 500Mb of memory on my laptop too (Windows 10).
As for the processes, I guess it depends on its Chromium core.
I also monitored Firefox and it uses about the same memory but much more CPU to run the same processes (on my laptop with Windows 10). So I’m using Brave: same RAM but less CPU.

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More or less, yes, it’s normal @Waelkabli. Like other browsers, Brave use multiprocesses to avoid hard crash. Mean 1 process for main process, other for each extensions, for each tabs/website, etc.

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