High CPU usage in Brave when watching youtube videos

Latest version of Brave.
Only 1 tab of youtube running.
Around 8-10 extensions installed. The exact same ones as i have installed in microsoft edge.
Microsoft edge uses around 10-15% CPU when watching videos in this condition while brave uses around 50-70%.
I haven’t tinkered around with codecs as they work fine with other browsers.
I’ve tried a new profile and issue still persists on brave. I’ve also tried disabling HW acceleration.
Please help.
I rly want to start using brave but this issue stops me from doing that.

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This might help answer some questions about the high usage. Why does Brave use more RAM than Chrome? - #2 by sampson

I was talking about CPU… The memory is not an issue for me… How does this help me?

Hey @rs_myst !

Which extensions are you using, and are you confident that they are the exact same extensions as in Edge?

Bare in mind that Brave is built off Chromium and Edge is built using Microsoft’s proprietary software (meaning that extensions that have the same functionality are built differently internally).

Can you provide a screenshot of the Brave built in Task Manager? You can do this by going to Menu icon → More Tools → Task Manager

Please ensure that all the sub tabs in the Task Manager have been expanded to show all details.

Thank you,


Do you have Hardware Acceleration disabled in Brave? That could potentially drive-up CPU usage in many scenarios. You can also check which process (the Brave app, a specific tab, or an extension) is responsible for the increased usage via ☰ › More Tools › Task Manager in Brave. You can enable additional columns for greater insight.

Ok, I’ve tried running youtube on a brave guest profile with HW accel on.
Around 50 Percent usage with a 1080p 60fps video.
On microsoft edge, even with all the extensions, the usage starts at about 50% and then drops to 15-25% within 15 seconds.
On brave, Most CPU is being used by the youtube tab as well (checked with the in-browser task manager).
I also appreciate the reply. Here are some images of task manager.


Try in private window mode, no need for Ghostery in Brave (Shields blocks more trackers than this extension) @rs_myst

@fanboynz removed ghostery and tried. still heats up quite a bit on most video playback websites.
CPU usage also hovers around 55% at all times :frowning:

Is Hardware acceleration enabled? (also adjust the video resolution)

Yes it is enabled. Also, other browsers on my laptop handle even 4k60 just fine without causing heat ups. I would think brave is able to handle atleast 4k30. But yes, i’ve toned the res down to 1080p but still face heating + high CPU usage.
Also, the video starts becoming highly choppy after a few minutes of watching at 1080p30.

Hardware Acceleration mostly is utilizing on the GPU, so it increases the usage of the CPU.

So is there anything I can finally do to improve performance?

This goes for any browser,

  1. Use less extensions would be an easy win.
  2. Update GPU drivers
  3. Run less applications in the background
  4. (less active tabs also)
  5. Try using private window mode/new Brave profile

Guess i’ll just have to wait for a fix sometime next year.
I’ll just be using edge in the meantime.
I’ll be praying the next time I use brave, this issue would get fixed.
Thanks for the responses!
(I’ve also already tried everything you have mentioned. Not much effect.)

Nope, extensions do NOT apply to the performance, creating new profiles/using Private Tabs also do NOT apply to the performance, less active tabs may work, updating GPU chips can be really good in some circumstances, but it happens rarely to upgrade it on the internet, and running fewer applications may be good, but if it is for other apps, for example like Office, then, that won’t work, but if you use fewer applications on Brave, it doesn’t do much.

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This would only apply to Chrome, not on Brave, even though it is built off of Chromium.

PS: rs_myst has also said not much effect even when he tried all the methods you mentioned.

We use Chrome extensions, so a greedy Chrome extension like (Honey or Dark Reader for example) would also impact Brave. We do remove a bit in Brave, but we’re still Chromium based.

How to Set Preferred GPU for Apps in Windows 10



Hm, interesting. I think you guys should probably dive more into the browser to actually see with these extensions and stuff.