Brave using a lot of RAM and weird processes

Description of the issue:
Brave is using too much rum and a lot of random processes are appearing out of nowhere.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I do not know

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

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→ More Tools → Task Manager.

Unless you do it there, your screenshot is not very useful. Only Edge can display process correctly in Windows Task manager so you have to use internal Chromium/Brave browser for that.

But memory not used is memory wasted, I mean, look at Discord, using almost half Brave is using even if it does less than a full Brower, and that’s because Electron, which will always be high in memory because anything web technologies in Browsers in 2022 and websites will never be low in memory and web developers don’t care, also high memory happens on anything where you watch a video or listen to music and the information is cached in memory, like if you watch a youtube video, and the internet goes, you can still go back and watch some of it.

Of course if you see Brave’s task manager you will be able to really see everything you need.

Browser have process for different things, it won’t run only on 1 process, minimum is like 7 or 8 processes when you start the browser, then each extension will be a process, each tab, if you go to a website with a video and it plays a video, the audio service will be on too.
They did it so if one thing crashes it won’t crash the whole thing, also sandboxing and the isolation will consume more cpu and memory too, but it is necessary for security reason.
If you use private windows, then each extension will appear twice, for normal windows and private.
So that’s why you see many processes, you just need to see it correctly to see if it is a bug, a website, an extension etc etc.

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