HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

We’re taking a look at what exactly is causing the issue – hope to have more information soon. @MickeyLlew – disabling should do the trick but if it’s not, would you mind trying uninstalling it entirely and see if it makes a difference? Would be very useful information to have.

I had previously disabled Grammarly and encountered the same issue. But I have now completely uninstalled the extension. Thus far, things seem to be running smoothly

@UserBB4464 @Mattches I am removing it completely and to see if that makes a difference, because disabling did not change it - I disabled all extensions.

Well, I see blank screen after a while of browsing with youtube. Here is how it looks like (and it blinks). This is Brave nightly build though:

I had mac freezes too in current stable builds. In both builds CPU goes high when surfing video related sites.

For anyone that had Grammarly installed and have uninstalled/disabled it but are still seeing performance issues:

  • Please try cleaning your cache/browsing data as the extension may have left some “bad data” cached that cause the issue.
  • Try disabling Hardware Acceleration (Settings --> Additional --> System --> Hardware Accleration) and see if performance improves.
  • Try creating a fresh profile (Menu --> Create new profile) and see if the performance issues persist.

Was having issues in the last few days with my Browser. noticed HIGH CPU and Memory spikes with my computer and my fan was running hard. I have a gamer laptop (Asus ROG) and the fan never runs hard unless I’m doing something heavy like gaming. For whatever reason, its been laboring while using BRAVE.

Deleted Grammarly (as some in this thread have suggested it may be the cause of the issue) and all seems back to normal now.

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It ain’t Grammarly. I don’t use it but look at this. I didn’t see this until Version 1.12.114 came along.brave

Can you please try what i suggested above and see if one of these issues is causing the uptick in resource usage?

@KoHoSo how about if you use the Hamburger menu and pick More tools => Task manager? would be great to see a snapshot of that if you’re willing to share :slight_smile:

removed grammarly and all seems fine now.


Quick update for folks who had disabled or removed Grammarly - the team is aware of the issue and are working on a fix :slight_smile:


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I can confirm that removing Grammarly I no longer see CPU hogging and Brave on Mac seems to be stable again (based on 1/2 day usage).

Actually brave by default runs in the background so that it can show you pop up ads when not using the browser.Best option will be go to the task manager and kill the background process of the brave browser.

Hope it helps.

Seems to be stable with Grammarly removed. I reported that to them when I removed it from my browser.

Disabled Grammaly, working back to normal now for me! :+1:

Grammarly reports they’ve released a new version with a fix :slight_smile: for folks wanting to try enabling again

Grammarly shared the following with another Brave employee:

It appears the problem was related to third-party cookies being disabled in some browsers, which caused the reports of high CPU usage

I’d love to do that but, every time I recreate the conditions that cause Brave to begin hogging RAM and CPU, my whole computer crashes so there’s no way to save a relevant screenshot. I can tell you this from what I could see…the trigger seems to be when I open up new tabs of groups I follow on Facebook. This happened earlier today and I had all of my extensions turned off. Vintage Ads (1920-1990) was registering 73.2% of my CPU and RimEats (a group about restaurants where I live) showed 72.3% at the same time.

I can also add that I have tried to begin the first suggestion @Mattches made about clearing my cache. To remove about 400 MB of stuff is taking forever (40 minutes so far) so you will just have to wait to see if that or creating a new profile will work. I am trying though and will report as I can as Grammarly is not the fix for my situation.

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@KoHoSo Definitely understandable! Are there any extensions you do use? The problem in Grammarly was a content script issue… it’s possible you may be running into a similar issue if you are using some other extensions

You should be able to DM me the extension list (if you’re using any) if you didn’t want to share publicly

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Just to be clear, when trying again earlier today, I had already turned off all extensions before proceeding. I should also add I double checked the setting @Mattches mentioned and, as is usual for me, hardware acceleration was off.

Just in case it still matters, my extensions are very few since Brave does so much on its own.

Alternate Tab Order
Fullscreen Homestar Runner (keeping until Flash’s final breath :smiley: )
Google Translate

Cache clearing finally completed. I am now waiting for a similar number of Facebook notifications to come up to see if that fixed the issue or not.

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@clifton I can report this has resolved the issue and Grammarly is no longer an issue and they work great together once again. Thank you for jumping on this as quickly as you did the Brave Team.