Up to 95% Brave CPU Usage

Description of the issue:
CPU usage. From 50 to 95%. It started happening for 3 days now. Because I reach 100% of CPU usage, I gets dozens of Blue Screens every day, just because of the brave. I’ve been using Brave for nearly a week, and expected much better performance than other browsers. I did all the troubleshooters and surfed the internet. As suggested, I went to the flag section, and enabled some sort of setting, but it didn’t change anything. Deleted most of my extensions, nothing changed. It goes above 40% once open the started tab, when all the tabs closed. Once I open one more tab, it increases by about 20% of CPU. No idea why it shows Brave Browser (28) in the Task Manager, but I don’t have that much tabs open at all. Other programs don’t even use a few percent while Brave takes it all and crashed entire laptop.

Expected result:
For the issue to be resolved and fixed without using that much CPU
Brave Version:

Additional Information:
I attached an image of the taskbar.

  1. Description of the Issue
    Same problem, high CPU usage on my computer (MAC) will often freeze up my computer and I need to hard reset.

  2. Steps to Reproduce

  3. Launch Brave

  4. Will freeze after 20 mins of use. I haven’t noticed any specific website.

  5. Actual Result
    Mac freezes up!

  6. Expected result
    Surfing as usual

  7. Reproduces Consistently?
    It’s been happening a lot over the last week! It happens after 15-30 min of browsing usually.

  8. Brave Version
    Version 1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  9. Additional Information
    Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 08.45.49

There’s definitely some website that will cause the freeze because currently brave is using less then 2% CPU, but will go to over 100% during browsing.

Common website used during crash are : Reddit, Discord, Tradingview, Gmail, google

Hi @Arnas, Welcome to Community!
Are you using the Grammerly extension by any chance?

I did, yes. But even disabling it, still having high CPU usage, about 75% afterward. At this time of writing, Brave doesn’t take that much of CPU usage, but worried that tomorrow in the morning that I’d have the same issue like the previous days. However, it does still consume a lot of memory

Can you please try uninstalling the extension entirely and see if this improves performance?

Well, as I said earlier, it did improve performance, about 10%, but something is still eating tons of CPU and Memory as well. I uninstalled all the extensions. It seems to be a problem when launching the first tab. My machine immediately goes Brrrr… And at this time of writing, Brave is stable. Hope I won’t get the same issue tomorrow morning, just the memory at 1GB, which kind-of takes a pretty big amount of memory on my device.

@Arnas @nriopel If you try Brave Beta or Nightly, with the Grammarly extension, does it help (over using Brave release)

Also paste which GPU you’re using?

Just an update, If you have Grammarly extension installed. Temporarily Disable Grammarly for the moment.

Grammarly are aware of the issue and are in the process of uploading a bug fix.

But is having 700mb-1gb memory (RAM) used normal? I only have 5 tabs open. (I do have grammarly disabled, and that’s my stats)

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