HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

The problem still exists including being to the extent that I can never get a screenshot because brave hogs up so much CPU that my PC freezes. As @Mattches suggested, I completely cleared my cache. Didn’t work. I created a new profile and, again, shut off all extensions. Didn’t work. In fact, before freezing, I saw one open tab claim it was using 101.7% of my CPU. I should also add, on this most recent attempt in the new profile, I did not add in my usual pinned tabs and even had fewer Facebook pages open than previously attempted. It still won’t stop this behavior. Before we go down another usual road, I did a complete scan with both Panda and the online version of Bitdefender and both say my computer is free of malware…no surprise since I also have Vivaldi, Firefox, and Google Chrome installed, and all run with no problems until whatever this is going on related to Brave overwhelms my PC. And again as a reminder, I have hardware acceleration turned off.

So…what’s next? Do I need to rip out Brave including all its registry entries and try to start from scratch?

May seem weird, but can you try disabling any/all Rewards features briefly and see if this has any effect on performance?

I’m up for anything you want to try to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, this does not apply as I already have rewards turned off…even made double-certain under the new profile.

One thing I will try tomorrow when I get back to that PC…since I can’t get a screenshot, I’ll try to take a clear picture of my screen when the Brave task manager is up.

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I am attaching two pictures I took of the Brave file manager while the browser was once again hogging up so many resources that it seized my PC and forced me to turn it off. This is a fresh profile with all cache removed. I did not re-pin any tabs. What I am asking Brave to do is even less than usual and it has never had a problem before handling 25 or more open tabs, especially including Facebook. Hardware acceleration is off. I have no malware. My other browsers work fine. I have no issues with any other program. Let me also add that, before this test, I uninstalled all my extensions as I found that, even though turned off, on a previous test, they were still running in the background.

While these pictures don’t show the worst I’ve seen ever since 1.12 came along – oh, and yes, I updated to 1.13.82 before this test – it was plenty enough to crash my machine. The earlier of the two screenshots (the one with the Page Unresponsive message) shows Brave going nuts on my CPU. This is mainly what I have been seeing from the Brave task manager. The later of the two as Brave froze my whole computer shows the memory use gong nuts with the Vintage Ads (1920-1990) tab taking the most at over 252MB.

I will be glad to provide whatever other information you or @clifton request. Just know this is my work PC so further testing depends on what I need to be doing today. My response might not come until Monday after a nice, quiet weekend with Brave behaving much better on Linux Mint. :wink:

I’m going to ping some additional team members about this and I can assure you that @clifton will come back with something useful/helpful (cause he’s awesome) – that said, I do apologize for all the hassle.

Another test you can try would be to download our Beta build and see if it takes up the same amount of resources or if it runs smoother. Note that downloading/installing/running the Beta will not interfere or overwrite any of your current installation data.

I installed the Beta build, turned off hardware acceleration (which is my standard setting anyway), restarted Brave, and opened up a similar number of tabs as before. While it seemed to take a little bit longer, the result was the same. It bogged down my PC until it became unresponsive and I had to shut it off by holding the power button.

I am glad to keep working on this. While it doesn’t seem so, I am still not completely against the possibility this is specific to my computer. The top screenshot is one minute newer than the lower one. Trying to click Wait was the final blow for this round.

I will add that, before a full seizure, some of the tabs say they have loaded but, upon looking at them, the page is empty with only Facebook’s dark background color filled in. If I hit Refresh, the loading circle around the favicon spins eternally and that tab ends up being one of the big resource hogs.

Here’s what I would like to see – can you please open a new profile, with no browsing data, extensions, etc, with the new tab page open and no other tabs. Then, open the browser task manager and take a screenshot. I’d like to see the base memory consumption Brave is using without any other factors.

This is straight from a brand new profile with nothing done except removing whatever that Avira extension is that is coming by default and making sure hardware acceleration is off. After being open about five minutes, the numbers in this picture are about average. I haven’t seen the Facebook tab get over 137MB and the occasional blips of CPU use haven’t been above 3.1 on any one line.

Can we see the exact same thing but without any Facebook tabs open?

I too experience high CPU usage when awaking my laptop from sleep or hibernation: up to 90% CPU usage. Started a few weeks ago. I am NOT using grammarly and have a high-end laptop with high-performance processor. Force stopping Brave and re-starting resolves the problem. Any ideas what is going on? This is a highly reproducible problem: happens every time I re-awake the laptop.

i faced this issue that why i never hibernate while brave is running

i even reported this

Here is a screenshot with just the New Tab page open. This seems to be about average after it has been open for five to seven minutes. One item blipped up to 7.8% CPU for a moment but that’s the most I’ve seen.

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u opened so much tabs

Didn’t you read what I said? Is 5 tabs that “so much”?

This was ever so helpfully flagged as spam on Reddit.

For over a week I’ve been experiencing very high memory use on usually specific web pages. In particular, Facebook and Gmail. I had thought it was because of the Grammarly plugin, and disabling it did help a lot. But I’m back to seeing numbers in excess of 700Mb of RAM being used for a single page and increased operating temperatures for my laptop. I’m not going to rule out the possibility it might be extension related. Is there a way to see the memory effects from an extension? (Outside of just disabling it) Could it be a problem with Brave?
(This is mild comparatively)

YUP, made a post yesterday about it and people are trying to jump on me saying my post is a troll one. Brave had an update that messed something up.
I’m getting temperature spikes of 61C with 1 (ONE) tab open running YouTube.
I turned off hardware acceleration, made app stop running after I close Brave, nothing has fixed it.
Opening task manager will bring focus off Brave and return your temps and CPU usage to normal (in my experience so far anyways)

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Having been both a user of software, and also a member of development teams creating solutions for users, I try to keep in mind what it looks like from both sides. As a developer of a product or the owner of a business, it’s hard to be mindful that sometimes your most outspoken critics may also be your most ardent supporters. They bring their perceived issues to you because they are invested enough in your product or service to open a discussion with you. They want you to succeed. But when it looks like nothing but complaints, it can be demoralizing.

I hope I can provide some information that might be helpful in resolving what I feel certain is a real and repeatable problem. If addressed, it creates a better outcome for everyone. :slight_smile:

I was brought to this thread from another and I’d like to make an observation (or feedback, if you will) or two.

My primary platform is Linux, and more specifically, openSuse Tumbleweed on a number of bare-metal AMD desktops. I also have a bare-metal Win10 machine for testing purposes. And I have a number of virtual machines with various other OS versions and software installed.

I run six browsers (Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, Chrome, Opera, Edge - I’m browser agnostic) on each platform, for testing purposes … and also for serious personal and business use. I toggle between them for GP and to “keep up with things” technically (I’m a long-time software engineer, and a published author of some programming books), so I have to test on these different browsers.

As I approached this thread, the first thing I note is the version being used by folks reporting the high CPU usage. I also notice one person is running a plugin that has affected their Brave install.

When I compare the versions I’m running (and on different OSes), I see my versions are newer (than those with issues here). Yea, on Linux, I’m running Brave Dev, but on Win10, I’m running Brave Release. I don’t see the high CPU issue, so maybe this is a version issue (those running 1.12.xxx) ? I’m on a newer Brave release on the Win10 box (and obviously on Linux as it’s Dev).

Yes, even with all the testing that happens in a software house, there are occasions where a release will have issues. Case in point, the previous two versions of Chrome Canary on Android crashed on startup. The most current Canary works fine.

So a couple of things to note, from my perspective:
a) I don’t upgrade at every release, so i might have missed the “bad” release, so if i state, "I don’t see the issue, it’s because I’m running a newer version.

b) I “normally” run the “pre-release” versions (beta, nightly, snapshot) of browsers (both personal and business), and only run the “release” version if there’s an issue with pre-release (like the Canary issue I mentioned earlier).

So, in the long run, there will be occasions where we see a glitch with software XXX (just like with automobiles, there are recalls), but if the developer is forthright and diligent, the issue will be resolved. My recommendation is to upgrade [if possible] if there is an issue.

Heck, Firefox has been around a long long time and check what happened to a recent release


Mine. Was. on. the. newest. build.

This is getting to the point where I think it’s time I moved to another browser.

I’ve seen nothing so far that indicates anyone even cares if this is an issue.
Microsoft has provided me with abject indifference for decades. I’ve seen better communication from Google. I was having a different experience with Brave. But not now. (Maybe I’ll check back later.)