Brave browser sucking very high CPU and memory


Brave browser is based on Chromium. I’m using the latest version of Brave (76 build). I’m new to this browser.

Why does it always take such an high CPU and memory to work? It just cannot even handle 15-20 tabs, whereas Chrome and chromium based Edge work with ease with 100-200 tabs!!!

Due to Brave’s very very high CPU (in 50%) and memory usage my laptop’s temperature starts shooting up. Laptop from idle temperature of around 45 Celsius goes straight up 70s C on browsing with Brave.

Why so? What are you doing to fix this issue or should I stop using your browser for better experience?

Please kindly reply.

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Can you tell me some more information about your machine setup, your OS, Brave version and any other details that may contribute to CPU usage such as:

  • Do you have any extensions installed?
  • Does it always run this way regardless of what tabs are open or is it only after hitting a certain amount of tabs that this happens?
  • Are you currently using Brave Rewards and/or Brave Sync?
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Acer laptop, Core i3, 4GB RAM, OS : Windows 10 (1903)

(Repeating : I never ever faced this issue with either Chrome or Edge chromium with 150 tabs even)

** No extension (been using just for a few weeks)

** I’m a heavy user. It always take high CPU that I can say but I have noticed this with “more” tabs (using guess-estimation it must be after 10 or more tabs). BUT I’m NOT saying it runs normally under 10 tabs because I never really checked it!!

** Not using brave rewards. Not using sync as well.

As an aside, unusually high CPU makes me wonder is there some hidden crypto mining code in this browser!!


Not sure if you know this but Brave is an open source project – all of our code is available online for anyone to download, test, review, or audit. If we, for some insane reason, dumb enough to include crypto mining software in our browser, it would have been seen by now.

Would you be willing to try running a few simple tests? To start, simply open Brave with 10 tabs of your choosing. Now, open Edge and/or Chrome with those same 10 tabs. Open your task manager and compare CPU/Memory usage between the two browsers. Post your findings here – screenshots would be helpful if possible.

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Would definitely likely to try this and help you, but cannot give time-frame. I have at least 25+ re-loadable tabs in all the browsers (Chrome, brave and Edge chromium)!! Though I use one browser at a time. Cannot afford to lose those tabs!!

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Note that in Chrome and Brave (and I believe Edge as well?), you can right-click on our tabs and select Bookmark all tabs so that you can easily return to them should something crash or go wrong.

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