[Help] - My OS got destroyed so I clean booted, I have my old tabs and passwords files, how can I recover these?

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My OS got destroyed so I clean booted, I have my old tabs and passwords files, how can I recover these onto my new brave, I managed to get my bookmarks and history back but nothing else.
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Not sure what the old one was
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Basically . . .

Somewhere in your previous Windows OS installation, there was a key (possibly a digital certificate) locked away in a storage place (like a keyring, a keychain, a password manager or wallet).

Probably, when you would Log In to your older Windows OS installation, that key’s storage place would become accessible by Brave Browser.

That key would be used by Brave Browser, in order to encrypt the passwords of your username -and- password (“UnP”) combinations by which you would Sign In to websites.

May interest:



Brave Community password posts:


I see so I have to find the key somehow or is it impossible? The thing is I can’t restore my session or tabs either, even though I have files that says session.



Try this, for passwords.

Copy login data from old Brave to new Brave in same locaton.

Ye I tried this but it didnt work.


Try this


  1. Open Chromepass from nirsoft
  2. Run as administrator
  3. Click on File, Advanced then Paste location of default folder as in image
  4. Click OK; Do you see your passwords? If not, file may be corrupt.

If you see them:

  1. CTRL+A
  2. Paste in EXCEL
  3. Delete the columns not needed and leave only name,url,username,password
  4. Save as *.CSV

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