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I have been using Brave for two years or so now. I initially synched my bookmarks and such from Chrome but have since saved tons of passwords to Brave as well as new bookmarks, etc. I had to reinstall my Windows 11 earlier today and I selected an option in the reinstall to maintain all user files, etc. Now when I open Brave, I see no way to pull in all my old data (history, bookmarks, passwords, etc.). Any advice? Am I screwed and just have to start from scratch? Seems like that can’t be the case. I can download and log in to Chrome and have all of my bookmarks and passwords back in 2 seconds. Is there no similar option with Brave?

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A simple fix, is not known, where there is no routine for data backup.

Please do not trust ‘the cloud’ for storing data that is important to you.

Windows OS users will find the BraveSoftware folder at:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\

That folder should routinely be backed up to an external drive - in other words, to a location OUTSIDE of the Brave Browser installation paths.

Use WinZip or 7-Zip (or another application of your choice) in order to make a .zip compressed copy of the BraveSoftware folder; and place such copies on the external, attached drive, in addition to wherever you wish, OUTSIDE of the Brave Browser installation paths.

Use a filenaming convention in order to keep track of the backup dates-and-times, example:

Make backups, a routine.

Manually back up your Bookmarks - using the Brave Browser > Bookmarks Manager > Export Bookmarks.

You may Export passwords that you have stored via the Brave Browser Password Manager, to .CSV files (any questions, ask @CerealLover).

Daily Create a New System Restore Point. Create such System Restore Points BEFORE doing anything that you may wish . . . that you had done so.

Previous posts at the Brave Community, regarding how to recover passwords:

Among those posts, there is one possible fix:

Hard lessons . . .

Data gone:

Data lost:

Passwords gone:

Passwords lost:

Bookmarks gone:

Bookmarks lost:


  1. It looks like you did an upgrade. If correct, normally windows keeps a big old windows folder @ C:\Windows.old. Can you see this folder?
  2. What’s your OS?
  3. You can see your bookmarks in Chrome, right?

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t do a simple upgrade. I had to do a clean install of windows 11. I don’t see that old windows folder. I located my AppData folder and it has BraveSoftware in there, but I’m guessing everything that’s in there is new as well. Is there any way to find my old AppData folder? I really doubt it but Im just hoping. yes, i have now imported all my chrome data to brave in the mean time. Im running Windows 11 Education Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000

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