Made an Oopsie when making a backup

So, I accidently had Brave open when I made a backup of my AppData folder for Brave to reinstall Windows.

I don’t have a sync code.

Anyway to restore my passwords?


Restore passwords:

Recover passwords:

This does not work because the data was encrypted.

When I wanted to look at a password, I would have to put in my Windows Hello PIN.

Chromepass sees the file as empty.

When using the DB Browser for SQLite, all the password_values are “BLOB” and i have no clue what to do with that.

Please help. There are literally 516 lines of passwords I need from this.


Password recovery . . .

Looks like I’m screwed because it’s a fresh install of Windows.

Environment variables don’t match, so it can’t decrypt the passwords.

Every password is empty.

Sigh…thanks for trying to help.


May interest:

Re Passwords Backup

The security credentials of a previous OS installation, used for encrypting and decrypting the passwords of the username-and-password combinations stored by the Brave Browser > Password Manager, are NOT in the Paths mentioned.

Therefore, in order to preserve the passwords, some backup method needs to be employed, and that might be one or more of:

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