Salvaging browser history,login info etc from old files

Hi! Long story short, my windows stopped working and I had to fresh install, and I never exported login data etc. Foolish, I know. I have access to all the files from the old windows. Is there a way to salvage this data from the old files?

@jewel777 Kind of, maybe, lol. So there’s a couple ways to look at this. Overall we’ve had people just take the \brave-browser folder from prior devices and move it over onto their new one. This will move all BAT, bookmarks, etc over.

That said, some have done this and said that passwords did not show. It’s because passwords are encrypted and rely a bit on the device info and password. So when moved to a new device, passwords are there but encrypted with no easy way to access it.

Some have been able to get access to those passwords using things like Chromepass, but it’s not the best success rate.

Do you just have one device using Brave? If you have a second, I was going to remind you that if you sync them together, it will share the passwords and whatever else you select.

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