How to get files from Old Brave Browser without Sync (Bookmark, tokens, configs, etc)

Hey, I just installed my new SSD to my computer and had to do a complete wipe of the files. However, I managed to survive my old SSD and placed most of the files onto a USB.

I still have access to the old brave files on an USB and would like to know how can I transfer them to the new computer?

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AFAIK though, you should be able to just restore the Brave-Browser folder from the back-up and it should work.

I don’t know how to open the brave browser from the usb drive. When I do, it keeps opening from my current computer.

@don1257 You do not need to open the Brave Browser. In fact, it would be best to close all open instances then go to C:\Users\devicename\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser. Delete the current Brave-Browser folder` and replace it with the Brave-Browser folder on your usb drive.

The profile path can also be found at brave://version. You can copy/paste that path into File Explorer. The profile path ends at User Data/Default. Just remove User Data/Default from the path and you will be at the Brave-Browser folder.

The AppData folder is a hidden folder on winOS. You may need to enable “Show hidden files” in your system settings.


-Go to New SSD and delete User Data folder located at C:\Users\Your Device Name\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User data
-Go to old SSD and copy the User data folder located at same place but in your old drive.
-Paste it at same location in New SSD.

By doing this, you will get back your profile, Wallet, bookmarks, settings, exttensions,… passwords?

Note: Two days ago I reformatted my machine from scratch. I installed Brave and ovewritten User date with my old User data. I got back my wallet and everything else… except my passwords, I had to import them from a previously saved CSV file. I advise Brave users to regularly make a backup of their User data and Passwords.


@CerealLover Just want to confirm that replacing the Brave-Browser folder and not just the User Data folder is an option. Using either should work.

@don1257 Just wanted to make sure you understood that both of these are viable options. In some rare instances, just replacing the User Data folder does not work. Older topics usually always suggested backing up and replacing the User Data folder and it works without problems for most. However, most of the support staff are now posting to back-up and replace the entire Brave-Browser folder. Again, either should work but if you encounter problems using just User Data folder restore, repeat the restore using the Brave-Browser folder instead. It may work even if User Data restore did not. Hope this information helps clarify! :slightly_smiling_face:


I thank you for this addition; I should have mentioned that What I did is available in many posts and it was carried out for Windows PC 64bit where the folder Brave-Browser (unhidden) includes only the folder User data. However it coulf be a different story for other systems such as Macos, Linux, …

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@CerealLover @Chocoholic

Thank you both for your suggestions. I managed to replace my folder with User Data and then tried the entire-Brave Browser folder. Most of the stuff got transfered, but passwords did not.

Any suggestions on getting passwords from the usb drive?

@CerealLover is the one to call for this one! :smile:

If you were able to recover passwords and save to a .csv file, just import them at brave://settings/password.

  1. image

  2. image

@Chocoholic @CerealLover

I see the URL, username, password field, password strength, but the actual password is not seen.

I even checked the field where it says to decrypt with local state file

Any ideas on the password rescue?

Beyond me, sorry. I have never used that program and do not know what is normal or what the options are. Hopefully CerealLover can provide more information.

Per the post, this probably applies. I do not know if there are other things you can try.

Do you see your passwords? If not, file may be corrupt.

You could just follow the second set of instructions and import. Not sure if you would at least get the sites/usernames saved in brave://settings/password and can then fill in the password field as you access each site. May be useful (or not). :slightly_smiling_face:


Try this (For Windows 11 64bit PC) :
NOTE: If not working try to use the same password to login to Windows in new and old SSDs.

  1. Open Chromepass freeware from nirsoft.
  2. Run as administrator.
  3. Click on File, Advanced then Paste location of uSER DATA as in image, ie from location of old SSD.
  4. Click OK; Do you see your passwords?.

If you see them:

  1. CTRL+A
  2. Paste in EXCEL
  3. Delete the columns not needed and leave only name,url,username,password
  4. Save as *.CSV

Don’t see the password, but I see everything else with chromepass


Did you use a pssword to login to Windows in old SSD? If yes, use the same password to log in to Windows with new SSD.

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