Get passwords back. Broken computer but I have hard disk

Description of the issue: My computer broke up, but the hard disk is ok and I have access to the files on it
**How can this issue be reproduced?**N/A

Expected result: Get passwords back. The rest of settings, history etc are not important

Brave Version( check About Brave): I am not sure, Downloaded around 2020

Additional Information: I checked other people´s topics and I´ve tried copying the brave folder from the old hard disk into the new computer but when I open Brave I get this message:
Your profile cannot be used because it comes from a newer version of Brave.

Some features may not be available. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of Brave.
Only that I was using it in spanish:
No se puede utilizar tu perfil porque procede de una versión de Brave más actualizada.

Es posible que algunas funciones no estén disponibles. Especifica un directorio de perfil diferente o utiliza una versión más actualizada de Brave.
Thanks in advance.

Not sure, but to get the basics out of the way, what version of Brave is on the new computer?

Do you remember if you were running a Beta or Nightly on the old computer?

Any chance you were using Brave Sync to store your passwords on a Sync chain?

Seeing a lot of results with suggestions here:"Your+profile+can+not+be+used+because"&source=web

Maybe something there will help, since it’s essentially a Chromium issue you’re facing.

Make sure you hang onto a copy of your original data if you try anything there! But it looks like the passwords are stored in a ‘Web Data’ file in your profile directory. Perhaps try creating a new profile, exit Brave, and just copy the old ‘Web Data’ file into position and restart Brave; does that work?

Of course it could be more complicated depending on how Brave (Chromium) ‘protects’ (encrypts) the content of the file on Windows. (For instance, it may be using DPAPI.)

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