Lost my Sync code after updating windows

I have been using brave for months now and had no problems until Windows 11 for my system rolled out. I choose to update keeping nothing as it ensures optimal installation.
But lost my brave app. I had many important bookmarks and details on that sync.
Pls help me, I can provide any details you want.
Looking forward for a Solution.

There’s nothing the can be done, especially since you told it to keep nothing. If you had a backup of your system’s /brave folder you may have been able to recover from that, but you’re making it sound like that didn’t happen.

Assuming you don’t have any other devices on the sync chain and you don’t have your sync code, then you’re out of options. Always is either having other devices on sync chain you can connect it with or to have the backup of the folder.

I have windows.old folder

Then that will have all of your stuff. You should be able to access it, find your Brave folder, and bring it over to your fresh Windows upgrade. I mean, it’s that simple. Hopefully you find it and can manage with no issues.

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Btw, if struggling to know where they might be or whatever, this post/comment might help.

Thanks for the idea mate I was able to recover my account.
For Those who are in the same situation:
Step1. Go to C:\Windows.old\Users\Username
Step2. In the view option in toolbar select option to see hidden items under show menu. Appdata folder will appear.
Step3. Go to C:\Windows.old\Users\Username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware and copy its contents.
Step4. Type (Win+R) and in run dialogbox type (Appdata). Press enter.
Step5. Here go to Local\BraveSoftware. Delete its contents and paste the old brave contents.
Step6. Restart brave and you are done.


Man but I still not having my passwords. All bookmarks and history is there but no passwords. What hapended here?

Well, not sure. I can tell you the official answers have been as you see below:

If that didn’t work, there are more complex workarounds and solutions that have been offered by @CerealLover, @Chocoholic , and even @289wk . They may be able to help guide you a bit better.

Pls post another method. I tried clean installing brave and than pasting old user data.
Still everything worked except passwords.
I have the login file that contains the paswords in encrypted form but brave is unable to read it.

@AdityaRSingh we may have to wait for those who I tagged to come and offer advice. That said, I was able to search through old Topics and came across this one possible solution from CerealLover.


Paths I usually state in a Reply-Post. . .

Linux OS:

  • $HOME/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/

Mac OS:

  • /Users/username/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/

Windows OS:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\

I much prefer to recommend backup of the parent: BraveSoftware folder. For technical reasons, saving the parent folder tends to also save other items, let us say, about the sub-folder, in this case, the Brave-Browser folder.

Saving the parent folder, tends strongly to keep the Brave-Browser folder intact. And I would want that, especially in Windows OS situations.

Better chances when restoring, to drag-copy the Brave-Browser folder (or contents of interest therein) . . . that was/were saved within the backed-up BraveSoftware folder.

The security credentials of a previous OS installation, used for encrypting and decrypting the passwords of the username-and-password combinations stored by the Brave Browser > Password Manager, are NOT in the Paths mentioned.

Therefore, in order to preserve the passwords, some backup method needs to be employed, and that might be one or more of:


  • Export passwords to .CSV file

  • Third-party password manager such as 1Password, BitWarden, KeePASS, LastPASS (examples)

  • GoodSync backup software (example)

IF a Brave Browser user is willing to hack and struggle, in order to TRY to recover passwords, then read the following steps plus additional replies, at:

_ ‘Brave Wont show My Passwords, and Logged me out of all websites - #4 by CerealLover

Backup Software and Tips

Include date and time in the backup filename. For example:

  • 20220629-1627_BraveSoftware_fldr_bkup.zip

  • BraveSoftware_fldr_bkup_20220629-1627.zip

Windows OS users:

Create a new System Restore Point every day or week, depending upon the importance of recent work.

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Brave sync needs to add email pairing option by default

so even if the sync code is lost, if the email address has been paired for a profile, we can request sync code, so that brave sends the sync code to the paired email address

Yeah you are right. The only time I have regretted to use brave is now only because of the sync complications.Otherwise Its a brilliant browser

They don’t want to have a big database of user information, so did their best to separate all of that. Creating accounts like you do with Google or others takes away a shred of your privacy and increases the likelihood of information getting hacked and all.

What should be done is Users actually store their sync code inside their email or in some place that way it exists if ever lost. Then it’s easy to recover with that information alone.

If the two of you haven’t already done that, @scavxo and @AdityaRSingh , you may want to go ahead and email yourself your sync codes now that way you have it should something happen to your system/browser in the future.

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