Lost all passwords to window update but ive managed to recover


ive had a random windows update and it deleted all my passwords but ive managed to get all the old files back such as login and bookmarks and from a suggestion to get a SQ reader but im still unsure what to do with it?
i have all my old files containing passwords bookmarks all that but how do i recover the actual working passwords

Expected result : getting my passwords back :smiley: including my school ones

**Windows 10 with Brave **
Version 1.52.122

additional info
i have used easeus to get the files back and can still get back any other brave files that have been deleted
i have not turn my pc off yet so im 100% sure my files are safe-ish
it reset updated after my pc is rejecting my GPU but still all files safe

update ive gain back all my user data like all ads blocked and extentions but im sitll missing all my passwords but ive gotten back all the emails?

@cheep is it the still the same user and password on the device? Like you didn’t wipe the drive or anything?

The reason I ask is passwords and all are all usually kept in the User Data portion of Brave’s folders. However, passwords are encrypted using your OS credentials. If you’re not able to see anything of your passwords, it makes it sound like your OS credentials changed (either user had been deleted and new created, you changed the password, or whatever) and therefore it’s unable to succeed in decoding the encryption. If that’s what happened, nobody would be able to help you access the passwords.

Also, let me ask, do you have another device, such as a phone, that you have Brave installed on? Essentially I’m wondering if you might have ever synced devices and have passwords saved there. If so, I’d just say to sync it to your desktop and it should get the passwords to show.

Which files was this? Do you have the whole Brave-Browser folder or the User Data within? And was it from that same device and OS user?

yes everything is still the same ive managed to retrieve all brave files such as user data and default , i have had it installed on my phone but it just never wanted to sync together
i have both brave browser and user data folders from the same device and os user

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