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I stumbled across Brave and decided to have a look. When I tried to access Google Mail, I received the following message and cannot get around it, despite changing options etc, the displayed search engines do not include Brave. Where have I gone wrong ?

We’ve detected a problem with your cookie settings.

Enable cookies

Make sure your cookies are enabled. To enable cookies, follow these browser-specific instructions.

Clear cache and cookies

If you have cookies enabled but are still having trouble, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Adjust your privacy settings

If clearing your cache and cookies doesn’t resolve the problem, try adjusting your browser’s privacy settings. If your settings are on high, manually add to your list of allowed sites. Learn more


Thanks for reaching out.
Did you import any browsing data from Chrome when you initially installed Brave?

If we must allow cookies, why use Brave at all? I do not want to be tracked and I do not want cookies.

That’s not what I asked – I’m asking if, when you installed Brave, did you Import browsing data from any other browsers into Brave?

Nope. I haven’t imported anything. I’m not able to sign-in to either the NYTImes or the Washington Post. The Post says they “prefer” readers do not use private browsers. They have not been able to suggest a way for a reader to sign-in without allowing them to place cookies or whatever else they use to track the reader. I was hoping Brave would allow private browsing. Thus far all the notes I’ve read say to eliminate the very protections Brave is trying to provide as a means to use my digital subscriptions. So I wonder why use Brave if using ti means eliminating the very protection schemes it offers.

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