Bug Report - Cannot change cookie settings in new version

Distinguished Developers, forum users,

I have used this browser with great pleasure for the past year. The relative privacy, adblocking, pop up control, and content control, in combination with the Open Source mentality, are music to my ears.

Unfortunately an automated upgrade has crippled the program.

My system runs Windows 10 Professional Edition, patched to today.

Brave has recently upgraded from version 0.26.0 to . It is now two executables.

The problem lies in that although I have access to the settings page, and can change them, that these changes do not take effect. Brave remembers them, but they are not applied. Case in point being the “cookies” dropdown options.

Brave had left that option off, I assume from the previous version. Without cookie functionality, essential websites such as Google Mail/Docs/Sheets do not work. Google even politely tells you it’s due to the cookes being blocked. Changing the option to “third party only” or “accept all cookies” changes nothing in terms of browsing, and I have double checked the folders for the temporary presence of cookies.

This bug cripples my use of the browser.

I have tried reinstalling the browser, without effect.

Does anyone have any tips, or recommend a version to roll back to?



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