Finally accrued 25 BAT on my smartphone, now Verified with Uphold!

So I finally reached 25 BAT on my smartphone and I thought I would share my experience.

The greyed out “Verify Wallet” button turned green with one click and the wallet was instantly verified with my Uphold account (I am logged in through the browser and the app).

This instantly created a new card in Uphold, which I recommend you change the default name “Brave Browser” to something that identifies the device; developers maybe you could have this be automatically?

However I notice that the new Brave Browser card showed empty, 0.00 BAT. I had expected it to show the 25 BAT that was required to verify. I returned to the Brave Browser app on my smartphone to check and in Rewards the 25 BAT still shows along with a new “Wallet Verified” status.

As an experiment I used Uphold to move 1 BAT to my new Brave Browser card. The process was fast and free and the new card in Uphold now showed 1 BAT. Meanwhile in the Brave Browser “app” the total had increased to 26 BAT, so it does indeed work however it appears you do not gain access to the 25 BAT accrued on your smartphone. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to withdraw it either despite the option appearing when you click on “Wallet Verified”.

That’s what I’ve learned so far.

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I’m glad you finally got paid… Congrats

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Well kind of, read the bottom paragraph.

You can verify I think biance wallet or maybe uphold

I just did mine and the only thing I can guess is that you might mot have caught that when first verifying on android, it does the “new” verification for a new account/wallet… there’s a link in that verification flow to an existing account that if you click that prompts you to sign in… from there everything is on to one brave card that already existed and the totals from the desktop and the newly verified android were combined into a “new” total that is shown on all my devices…

In your case, you might have to contact uphold to combine the 2 rewards card you have into one…

Also the problem on android showing 0 balance might be due to android thing where if you force stop android and clear the brave cache and open brave again, it will then show the right total of your android brave wallet…

but again, for the flow I went through, it seems to work with expected totals and 1 brave rewards card on uphold…

You can also ask @steeven if the flow I went through is the right flow and if there’s anything that can be done besides contacting uphold…

That is odd, especially if you say it should just be linked to one reward card. I have multiple Brave cards in Uphold, one for every different device and platform like Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Something is certainly odd about it all. I did contact Uphold about the cards but they said contact Brave so that person might be more helpful.

Edit: it is Uphold that shows zero balance not android. The app displays the correct amount.

I honestly don’t know… When doing my android verification it looks like like a regular sign in except for that link underneath that said already got an account, sign in… It was my luck I caught that because I was just doing the sign in of the page itself but i saw the link, pressed it, then did the sign in… From there everything was expected… I can’t remember if my macs had the same flow, but desktop didn’t do anything special when verifying wallets, they seemed to work and use 1 brave “card”. The android could be different as well as having that “stup*d” 25 bat min on the android wallet, it has a different verification flow…

if uphold is showing 0, then i haven’t come across that issue…

Not sure how brave is supposed to fix your issues… the bat thing has always seemed to be a clusterf*ck just by seeing all threads of bat probs… what can ya do… :thinking:

Having the same issue with android for months…I can see my windows browser going in but not modile…All my browser are on 1 card up uphold

I am curious now…

@steeven can you clarify if it is correct for a verified mobile wallet to display a balance of zero on Uphold? I had assumed that it would join the same pool/card created with my desktop version.

Screenshots taken on mobile:

Now with 1 BAT added on Uphold:

Wallet on mobile increases by 1 BAT.

Most likely caused by this. :point_up: But I’m not sure about that.

The default behavior is if you verify more than 1 Rewards wallets (both desktop and Android), it’ll connect to the same Brave Browser card so the balance will be synced across-connected-devices. Because that card is generated automatically by the system when you try to verify/connect for the first time.

@eljuno it was already showing zero before I changed the default name so I don’t think it was that.

Uphold has created many cards since I started using it, one for each Channel on my Creator page. These too I had expected to link to one card:

Note: the same problem here, some of these Channels do have some BAT in them but only visible from Creators login.

Running into same issue. Was able to transfer from android browser to uphold previously, but now that I added a desktop browser, uphold doesn’t seem to recognize my BAT balance from the Android device.

@kiddrkyle it looks like you’ve used the default card names in Uphold too, am I right?

Yes. I didn’t change the card names. But only one card for my brave browsers that are connected. I believe I have 3 browsers/devices connected.

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Well hopefully someone with technical knowledge can shed some light on what’s happening. Uphold certainly don’t help and I have asked twice now, they just keep asking me to contact Brave Support.

I did some more digging, and I may be over the 4 device limit. I lost an old phone, and I added the browser from my new phone. I’m still getting credit from another browser that’s still connected, but I use my Android browser much more frequently. I’ve contacted uphold about disconnecting all brave accounts so I can only add the ones I actively use. We’ll see what happens…

I tried simply disconnecting and reconnecting from the brave browser, but that didn’t accomplish anything. And there’s no way to disconnect from the lost phone…

Did disconnecting and reconnecting create another card in Uphold? I think I tried that once and it duplicated cards. You may only see them in old browser version.

I have two or three cards in uphold, but it didn’t create a new one by disconnecting and reconnecting this browser. When I get a chance will disconnect the other browsers and then disconnect and reconnect my Android and post an update.

Quick update: was able to disconnect all connected brave accounts from uphold, but reconnecting only created a new brave card with 0 balance… Went into the uphold page → settings → applications → authorized applications → brave browser → remove. In the browser screen, it showed up that my wallet was disconnected. Of note, there were two different instances of the browser listed in my uphold account. I disconnected both and have only reconnected my Android brave browser. Still with 0 balance on uphold despite positive balance in browser over the requisite 25 BAT.