Unable to verify wallet on Android

I would like to verify my wallet on my phone. Works on PC but doesn’t seem to sync with phone. I have over 25 BAT. Please advise.

Hi @bessmaster - do you have 25 BAT on your Android device?

@steeven I have over 25 bat in my uphold wallet. This appears in my brave rewards on PC browser but not on mobile. The browsers are supposed to be synced and I only have one uphold wallet. So I don’t know exactly how to answer your question. The mobile shows a different balance than my PC. Until rewards the other day both PC and mobile were marked verified. Now only the pc is marked verified and the rewards I claimed for the month only appear on mobile. Attached are 2 images. 1 is my pc reflecting 26.192 bat with a verified wallet and the other is my mobile showing .250 bat unverified. It seems like they are separate and that isn’t what I want.

What’s the email linked to your Uphold account?

DM sent with email address

Hi @bessmaster - once you have 25 BAT in your Android wallet you’ll be able to verify it. This will change to a 15 BAT threshold next week.


That doesn’t make sense to me. Where are my rewards going right now? The wallet that it is going to has over 25 BAT in it. The ad rewards I’m collecting are only appearing in the unverified wallet. I specifically spent money to purchase BAT so that I could verify my wallet and avoid nonsense situations like this. I need this corrected. Unless I misunderstand how a crypto wallet works it doesn’t matter if it is on one device or another only that it is the same wallet. You saying I need 25 BAT on my “Android” makes no sense as the wallet should be what is being measured not my phone. If they are two different things as you are implying where are my rewards on my pc instance of the browser? Also, if I were to have 1 million BAT and my phone broke and had to be replaced, are you saying I would have to accumulate 25 more BAT on my phone browser before it could be verified? That also makes no sense. Can you explain any of this to me?

Hi @bessmaster, your desktop wallet is backed up because it is linked to Uphold. Can you confirm that the above screenshot is your desktop and the below is your android?

Until your Andoid wallet is verified with Uphold, it is not connected to your desktop wallet. And unfortunately Uphold currently requires a minimum amount of BAT to link it.

Are you receiving ads on your Android device? Is your BAT going up on in your Android browser wallet?

Thank you.

CC’ing my colleague @Mattches as I’ll be out next week.

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Yes, the screenshot with 26 bat is my uphold wallet logged in on my pc, I can go to uphold on my phone browser and see the same thing. My wallet doesn’t seem to be the issue linking this browser to it does. What you aren’t explaining and what I’m not understanding is why you keep referring to them as different things. I have an uphold wallet. It has 26 bat in it. If I log into it from my phone or my pc it is the same wallet. Why does the browser not understand this? Again, my hypothetical, if my wallet is verified with over 25 BAT and I replace my phone would I have to accumulate 25 more BAT to verify it? In addition, with you implying they are separate where are the rewards on my pc? I have been awarded none to my verified wallet, which at this point is the one I care about.

@steeven is on PTO so I’m stepping in here. Let me see if I can clear some of this up:

I have an uphold wallet. It has 26 bat in it. If I log into it from my phone or my pc it is the same wallet. Why does the browser not understand this?

If I understand your situation correctly, your Android device is currently unverified. In this case, they are separate wallets – you have a Desktop device that is verified/linked with Uphold and BAT earned on that device will be deposited directly into your Uphold account during the payout period (this is typically the 5th of each month).

Your Android device is not yet verified, which means that BAT only accrues in your Android device’s browser wallet.

So historically yes, you would have to accumulate that 25 BAT on the new phone. However, we recently made changes to this process that:

  • Changes the minimum BAT threshold to 15 BAT
  • Allows users with existing, verified Uphold accounts to verify their Android device without meeting the minimum requirement

That change is documented here on our Github and should be available in the next browser update: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/15196

So for your situation, once your Android device updates Brave to v1.25x, you’ll need to open Brave, tap the Rewards panel, tap Verify wallet to reveal the new menu options – including the option to login to your already verified Uphold account:

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion. Please let me know if any of the above is unclear or if I missed any issues/questions you had.


Thank you, that may help tremendously. When can I expect that update to test this?

Android update should be later this week if I recall correctly.

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Thank you. I will update at that point.

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Any update on the update? Still no change on my end

Android v1.25.71 is live on Play Store. You can update

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Thank you. Just confirmed this works now. Wallet is verified. This is resolved. Have an excellent day.

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