Lost BAT when trying to connect to my verified Uphold account on mobile browser

Edit, I somehow received my BAT now. Mods delete this!

Edit, now the balance shows correct again somehow (it was 178.5, not 168), but I still don’t seem to have a way to cash it out to my uphold account??

Quick backstory, I’ve gotten my desktop setup with Uphold, verified and all. The BAT I earn monthly gets deposited no problem. I had set it up on mobile at the same time, months ago but I wanted to make sure everything was setup properly on both my laptop desktop browser, and my phone’s browser (android).

On the Uphold website I had a balance which mirrored the BAT I earned on my desktop browser. When I went to my mobile wallet though, I had ~178 BAT, but it didn’t seem to show it verified. There was no link to verify the wallet with Uphold too. I tried navigating around and even reached out to Uphold support and they suggested I read FAQ here. When I click the wallet, it displays the “Your Brave wallet is powered by Uphold” at the bottom of the wallet popup. I didn’t think that was the same as being verified.

I figured there was something wrong so, like an idiot, I pressed the Brave Rewards toggle switch, assuming surely it would allow me to try to relogin to Uphold to connect it properly. Now though, I see my balance has gone down to 0 BAT. I’m livid.

What do I do!?

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