I am unable to withdraw over 30 dollars of BAT from my phone


I posted this a while ago on the Subreddit, but haven’t gotten around to posting it here:

I have my mobile phone and my browser both verified through UPHOLD, but when I tap the “Withdraw Funds” button on UPHOLD, it takes me to my wallet on UPHOLD that is connected to my desktop account. I currently have 127.792 bat on my phone, and I am worried that I may lose it due to a glitch or something of that sort.

Thanks for the help!


Is the wallet on your phone verified? If so and you have both wallets linked to the same Uphold account, your funds are safe. If you were to, for example, lose your phone and have to get a new one, you would simply have to install Brave and then verify your wallet in the same way w/your new device.


I’m not sure if my phone wallet is verified. I verified with the same account, and this is what I see.

What I see!

See how my Brave card on uphold (which, I promise, is the only card with any money on it on my uphold, has only 6 dollars (equal to that of my desktop browser), while, my phone has 30 dollars, does not show up on uphold.

The image you shared looks like it may be the wrong image:

Here’s how it works – essentially you need 25BAT minimum in your mobile wallet in order to verify w/Uphold. Once you do, your balance will show the balance on your Uphold account for both (or all) devices. Any estimated/pending earnings you have from this point on (on any device) will be deposited to your Uphold account on the payout date (5th of every month).

Here is a different link to the same image.

The issue is I have 127 BAT in my mobile wallet, which is much more than 25.

I see – and when did you verify your mobile wallet?

Over 4 months ago now.

HI @Qball, can you DM me your Uphold ID? Thanks in advance!

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I have the same issue. I arrived up to 25BAT and verified my uphold wallet on my phone three weeks ago.
I have been waiting if there is any process that i should wait, but i have been looking for a solution in forums and i do not find any solution.
Should I wait, or should I contact with someone?
Is this an issue?



I have the same issue, Im missing the 25+ BAT in my uphold wallet after verifying it a month ago. nothing was deposited from my android device it is proghouse at gmail.com

I also have a problem with rewards on Android. The app wouldn’t let me verify my Uphold account until I had 25BAT and the other day I finally had them. I verify the uphold account that I have been using for a long time on the desktop PC without problem. However, the BATs only appear in the application 115 BAT , while in Uphold’s account only the 86 BAT that I already had from before appear.

can i share my problem here. thanks

I cant verify my uphold on my android. Any help thanks. my account is already verified on pc.


no support on this issue?

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I am having similar issue.
I am using brave on android and have uphold account verified.
I have ~53 BAT on mobile and 11 BAT on uphold.
But mobile BAT does not transfer to uphold wallet.

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There are Fees for transferring BAT over. Uphold collects them.

I have an android device that has not paid out in over two months. I got the required 25 BAT, and then verified my wallet. All went according to instructions, and I waited. A month later it had not paid out, and so I removed the wallet, everything reset, and showed my Brave wallet having 30 BAT (on the phone). I verified my wallet again, and a month later, still no pay out. I maintain 10 BAT in my uphold wallet, and have not gotten any from this device in particular.


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