Unable to veryfy my uphold wallet on mobile

Mobile Brave browser won’t verify with verified uphold wallet. Constantly asks for 25BAT balance, uphold account has suffienct balance. Computer brave browsers and uphold wallet okay. Just mobile brave browser won’t verify wallet

you have to create an uphold account.

This is because, at this time, the 25 minimum balance also applies to your Android wallet. There for you’ll need to have the minimum bal. in your Android wallet as well before verification goes through. I understand this is an inconvenience for some people and we are working on ways to make this process more straight forward and easier for everyone.

Done that already, have a functioning uphold wallet,

25 BAT = about $7 I have more than 25 BAT

@Hokagesama you need to accumulate 25 BAT in your Android’s brave:rewards wallet, not in your Uphold account. Which is only can be done by earning BAT from Brave Ads.

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