Finally accrued 25 BAT on my smartphone, now Verified with Uphold!

Top one is the new card. Bummer

Oddly, the balance showing up in my brave browser is lower than it was before. I had moved the 1.98 BAT that I had in my uphold wallet out in case it got lost in the process of deleting/disconnecting my brave browser. My new balance in my brave browser is that much lower. Something is connecting, but not completely…

@steeven @eljuno I’ve listed some updates above with the same issues as Matthew_Bester with my attempts to correct the issue as outlined. Other ideas?

at least someone getting somewhere. I’ve not accrued any bat over the last few months and I have lost all the other bat because something is wrong with wallet and uphold was no help and told me just go to brave. now I have splintered funds and cannot access the bulk of them.

I’m still believe this is the correct behavior @kiddrkyle @Matthew_Bester

cc @Mattches for additional assistance as I’m not entirely sure about your issue/the expected behavior.

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Hi @eljuno thank you for your reply. This cannot be right, on Uphold I now have 21 Brave cards, most empty.

My Uphold has so many Brave cards now I am starting to get a bit fed up. This morning my PC Brave Browser said it had disconnected from Uphold (not my doing) and when I reconnected it it has created yet ANOTHER Brave Brower card in Uphold which is now empty.

There is something wrong with Uphold and Brave integration, it shouldn’t just keep creating new cards every time there is a blip. I really wish they could all be consolidated but Uphold won’t let you delete old ones.

Hi @Matthew_Bester thanks for writing in. We currently have a bug that the dev team is investigating. It’s preventing certain wallets from accurately sending BAT from their browser wallet to their Uphold wallet.

Just to confirm, does your browser wallet still show 26 BAT?

Hello @steeven, my Android browser wallet shows the 26 BAT (that is within the app browser) but the associated Uphold card is still empty.
My PC Brave browser wallets were linked across two device (PC & laptop) but from this morning they appear to be no longer linked and the PC wallet now shows ZERO and has created a new card in Uphold, also ZERO. The old card in Uphold with my 90 BAT has somehow become disconnected and isolated I can only assume.

Edit: this now means I have no funds for auto contributions and tips.

Can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold?

Ok will do. Need 20 characters to reply lol.

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