Bug, can't verify my wallet even if I already have 25 bat in my account

I have already a verified Uphold account in my PC/Desktop, but when I try to verify my wallet in android it says that I need 25 bat to verify it when I have 2.000 bat on my android alone. And I know that that quantity isn’t the issue because I had 2.250 bat in my PC and I was able to verify my Uphold account and wallet in there.

Is there any way to fix this bug? Because it’s like it’s ignoring the bat I already have and the version of brave is up to date so I don’t know what is the problem.

Here is the screenshot!

Ps: I add the photo of my verified account in my desktop with only 2.250 bat here to show that the quantity isn’t the issue because some people don’t read xd

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Unfortunately you must have 25 BAT on your phone before it can be verified through Uphold

2.000 means 2 BAT, not 2000! I wish it was like it. :laughing:

you made my day :rofl: :rofl:

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But why in my pc I have a verified account with 2.250 bat? If it’s only 2.25 bat in your understanding? :thinking:
2.000 is not 2 bat, if it was they wouldn’t use three zeros, and I wouldn’t have my wallet verified in my desktop with only “0.250” of difference

Because those two wallets is not connected to each others @MarielaF.

Your desktop is already connected to Uphold but your mobile wallet is not. That’s why it shows different balance. If both connected, it should show the total balance from both wallets.

And in order to connect your mobile wallet, you’ll need to accumulate 25BAT first before the button click-able.

Also . is the decimal. So it’s 2 BAT. Not 2000 BAT. Just see the USD value. Iif it’s 2000 BAT, then the USD value should be higher.

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But why is it different in desktop mode than in mobile? :pensive: Because I could verify my wallet and connect it to my Uphold account in my desktop with only 2.25 BAT and not 25.000
So I’ll have to wait until it says 25.000 on my phone to be able to link it to my Uphold account?

Desktop also have the same requirement – added a few versions back see Release Channel 1.12.112 . So new wallet will need 25 BAT too.

You may already connect your wallet before the requirement is implemented.


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I verified it yesteday in the desktop but Okay, I’ll wait until I have 25.000

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