Cannot claim BAT

Hi I think i am missing something here and all the youtube videos and google searches dont seem to answer my issue.

Firstly i managed to get my uphold account verified to my Brave desktop.

The month of May statement I had earned 5 BAT there, however it did not appear on the rewards page? so i could not press withdraw. It still shows on statement but i dont know how to redeem?

my June rewards says payment date of the 6th so not long. however i assume i am going to have the same issue again.

I tried to sync to my Android S10, it doesnt seem to work when i uploaded teh phrase, android says wallet not verified and it has a diff amount in the BAT.

So 2 issues, 1/ cannot extract the BAT, 2/ cannot sync android to desktop.

If any one has a link to very basic walk throughs it would be appreciated, because clearly i am missing something?

thank you

need to get 25 bat before you can verify android

thanks Tony appreciate the response. I understand the concept, however i assumed the brave android app could sync to the desktop app and the brave app would be auto-verified.

I see today from more googling it doesn’t seem to work like that.

I found on uphold site it says i can connect up to 4 devices but no explanation/clarification on how or if that device needs to earn 25 on its own first, before being added to an existing uphold wallet?

When i use the brave android app and press verify, i get no options, only told to earn 25bat.

So it seems to me, although NOT stated anywhere clearly. every device needs to earn 25 bat before you can link to an existing uphold acct.

Would that be right? Thanks

mobile/tablet/android devices need 25 bat… desktop can be verified before 25 bat.

Ok so i’m clear on the android issue and will wait till it gets to 25bat+.

so Issue 1 above still persists regarding my desktop bat. I have several statements now with BAT but when the next payment date rolls over they do not appear on the verified wallet.

I assume i am missing a step somewhere. I will attach a screen shot for ref.

issue 1 - I have earnings from adds but they do not go to claimed. I understand i should see a claim button to redeem, i dont see any method of redemption and they do not appear on my brave rewards, nor my Uphold wallet.

issue 2 - i have brave set to 5 adds per hour, firstly i get one, maybe 2. I have to off/on the filter to kick an add onto my new page. When i do it does not add the rewards now. the last 3 we see, 2 x blockfi & 1 x Amber did not credit. its been stuck on 1.811BAT for a while now.

So no idea where to go from here, any suggestions?

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I have been having the same problem for months now. Installed the Brave Browser on my phone back in January-February 2021 and have opened countless of the pop-up ads. Yet i have only been able to claim a whoopping 2 BAT in those 6 months… Might as well switch back to Chrome or some other alternative. I have also been struggling with the idefinete “Claiming” where it just circles forever untill it dissapears (which did not increase my total of 2 BAT)

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