Feel like iIm being taken for an absolute joke no BAT for 2 months and no ads since Jan 6th

To whom this may concern for the past 2 months, no BAT has been sent to the verified Gemini wallet connected to my browser, have also stopped receiving ads last time was Jan 6th, an Admin did reply addressing my concerns in relation to this topic, my wallet was automatically flagged for some unknown reason he removed the flag and started getting ads for a few hours now it the problem has started again as well as no BAT worked hard on earning this BAT and feel like I’m being taken advantage of I want my BAT and to be at least given a proper answer to my question when asked instead of being ignored, Really need this issue resolved as it’s wasting mine and many others time.


Your post of 3 days ago (Feb. 10th ?):

The following, might have info that will assist you.

Brave Support usually requires that your report be organized, in the arrangement they prefer:

At that last link, 2 articles are deprecated:

  • “How do I manage my Crypto Wallets?”
  • “How can I add my other Crypto Wallets to Brave?”

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