Brave rewards is a scam or am I got something wrong

Hi! I’m using Brave for like 6 months now and in february I decided to withdraw my rewards for the first time (not much 7 BATs).
I needed to connect to a wallet so I choose Gemini and when my verification finished I found out all my BATs vanished. It was neither on Brave nor Gemini, I couldn’t find it on history either… I read it here somewhere it could take weeks or months to show up ok it’s already a bit sketchy and I never received it since then.
Fast forward this week my earnings for march was ~4 BAT then I got the message “Your payment of ~2 BATS is on its way, will be there in 7 days balbla…” ok from 4 BAT its halved to 2 fair enough I’m not surprised anymore.
Then the pay out day come I got the message “congrats your pay out of 0.25 Bats was successful” I’m like what the…
But the funniest thing is I didn’t even received that 0.25 BAT, my balance is still 0.
Is this just happening to me or others had this issue too?

If any admin or developer could help me out would be appreciated.

The 0.25 payment is certainly a bug because everyone has experienced that in today’s payment… all your previous experiences are just normal but the last one (0.25 bat) needs fixing. Unfortunately, it’s still weekend so we need to wait a little further for them to fix it.

But I do think a mod should look into your account because you said you never received the first which was lost during linking.

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Really sad to hear. I hope they fix the problem sense im also one of the users who have had the same problem.

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