Second month without receiving BAT

Hello everyone!

I would like to request help with a frustrating issue. As per topic description, I haven’t gotten rewards for the months of December and January. I can see a message that says it’s ready to be claimed, but I simply can’t claim it anywhere. Happened last month, until the message simply went away. The ads also disappeared, though somehow I actually got0.153 BAT this month.

Any help would be very welcome and appreciated.
Thank you for your attention.

Regards to all!


Where, there are many sources of info that may help your issue:

Thank you, 289wk! I’m sorry for spamming, for I hadn’t noticed that there was already a topic with lengthy information on the matter.

Edit: wait, I couldn’t find anything helpful in there…


There . . . are several articles and links to Brave Rewards etc.

One of the pieces of info - there - is in bold / enlarged print – quote:

The following, might have info that will assist you.

The next piece after that, being a source for the Brave Support template that applies to your situation.

And, Brave Support needs you to present your issue in a detailed and organized manner – in accordance with the template for reporting issues such as yours.

The following is an example of a template in use:

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