Features requests and Brave experience

Hello! I know that there are already similar requests like: add a reading list.
But I want to suggest it a little differently and not only suggest it but also push you to improve user interaction/experience with the Brave browser.

For normal users there are standard browsers — safari/chrome and that’s enough for them, they probably don’t even know what Brave is, because they don’t need it, but those who know what Brave is — they are the people who are productive, who are more “working” in the browser than just opening some pages on the internet. Like me, for example, and this interaction with the Brave browser is not the best.

If we are talking about productivity, then every time I go to the browser I see a lot of open tabs (which I need to interact with first (to do some “work” in them) and then make a decision — to close/add to bookmarks or leave the tabs open (because I will need to return to this or that page 2-3 times during the day or even every day several times).

What is a browser? — it’s working with tabs

1 — Add (somewhere on the side at the bottom) a “pin” button (when a tab with a site is open) — by clicking on the “pin” button (after the browser adds the link to the reading list) there should be some kind of notification (to let the user know that the page has been added to the reading list) the main thing — this notification should be — short and fast (can be just an animation of the “pin” button itself [that the site/link/tab has been added to the reading list])
(It would be very cool if in order to add a link/link/tab/site to the reading list — no internet [local after all] would be needed).

To be able to open the “reading list” so that in the menu of the “reading list” it would be possible to quickly delete an unnecessary page/link (and like in safari to click on the (sort) button to see only those links that have not yet been viewed/opened and vice versa to show all links (even those that have already seen/visited the page).

2 — When you press and hold your finger on a link (somewhere on the Internet) - context menu opens — ADD there (to the context menu) a button “add to reading list” or the same “pin” (to not open the site and immediately add to the reading list [will save a lot of time/internet traffic/phone battery]).

Viewing open tabs is also not the best (make it like Safari used to (not now, it’s bad now) — vertically (like dominoes looked) so that all open tabs are visible [or at least give the option in settings to switch to this view of open tabs]) (please do not offer history/search in history to find the desired open tab - it is inconvenient and very slow, which takes away all the desire to do “work”)

And one more important request — Incomprehensible home screen that can not be properly customized — going into Brave opens the main screen on which there is nothing useful (although there is so much free space)
why can’t you add more favorite tabs? (only the first 4 are visible and then at the very top of the screen, which is very inconvenient).

Give the ability to customize the home screen as the user needs:
1-give the possibility to create folders (like in safari)

2-to be able to choose how to show favorite tabs (list or as it is looks now)

3-add buttons (to the main screen) that you personally need: history/bookmarks/downloads/some hyperlink that will redirect to some selected section in Brave settings/the same reading list, which is very much needed

It may seem (to someone) at first glance that these features (which I would like in Brave) are unnecessary or unimportant, but everything I’ve described/suggested here — will improve the browser’s interaction/experience with the user (however it sounds) (because developers don’t understand what users want/need. It happens when sometimes it seems that the developers themselves do not use their creation (I’m not talking about Brave now, but in general) how can you use it when you can make it better/faster/more reliable and so on)

I am personally interested in seeing Brave evolve and be better (I use Brave every day and that’s why I want it to be Brave much faster and more functional). I like Brave but I want it to be better (because there is room for growth and development). Sorry for my not good “English”.