Improve "Start Page"

“Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered

Answer — Start Page is the “face” of your browser.
When you open a browser, the first thing you see is a “blank” screen/page — yeah seriously. It’s a “poor” page, without settings: without folders, without creativity, without customization. Not “user friendly” “elements” “things”. Not “handy”. Good browser but I don’t like to use your “Start Page”.
Look what Viv…di browser (sorry for ad. I didn’t specifically write the full name) do in iOS start page.

and please read my previous suggestion

(Features requests and Brave experience)

I know. To much to read but you need it first of all, not me Brave. Make your browser better!

What browser are you using? Not Brave. You have this listed as iOS. Let me show you a screenshot of my page on Brave when I open on iPhone.

Notice how it has a background? Also can access Brave News by scrolling down. Links I added to my favorites are there so I can click and go to those websites. It also has privacy hub to show how many ads and all have been blocked since I started using Brave on the iPhone.

This seems incredibly different than your claim of it being blank, doesn’t it? I mean, you could go to Brave’s SettingsNew Tab Page and remove Background Images, Privacy Hub, and Favorites which would end up with a blank page. But who would want to do that?

Well, then let’s talk about what kind of browser I use.

I use Brave, in iPhone.

Interesting why I have so many bookmarks then (screen 1).

Here’s another proof that I “use” the browser and not just go to look at one site and then close the browser.

(screen 3) I “work” in browser — That’s why I want you to improve the browser to make it more convenient, comfortable and “thoughtful”. I wrote about it in a post, but no one is interested Features requests and Brave experience

I notice about “background” — not esthetic.

I don’t need “Brave News”. I don’t need news at all and thank god I can turn it OFF that.

I also use “favorites” — but I want to use it more (like “show all/show less” button like in standard “Safari” maybe? no?) And not to open a separate menu where the keyboard appears every time.

I don’t need “privacy hub”. I turned on the ad blocker and forgot about it, I shouldn’t think about it anymore. And again thank god I can hide “privacy hub” (but it would be better if you could turn it OFF at all, so that it does not collect statistics, so that there is no such process as collecting advertising blocking statistics. It uses the phone’s battery in a way. I don’t need that information. I can only hide “privacy hub” but not turn off. And when I press to clear statistic in “privacy hub” — Nothing is deleted, bug?)

(screen 2) what I see every time when I open Brave/open new tab. Not the best view for my eyes — I’m an aesthete.

I don’t know what else to say and how to interest you to make the browser more “convenient”/“handy” for people. (my english not the best sorry)

If you don’t like Viv…di “start page” style — take a look “Safari” and take an little example (screen 4)

(But why not give to users the opportunity to change the browser “start page” style the way they want, as it is convenient for them?!
And thus make the browser more popular with functions like that


Here, I absolutely agree with Sour.

Startpage is the first screen you see when you open new tab, which we all do numerous times a day.

It does not have to be cluttered with unnecessary information like privacy hub and news. This things are perhaps nice to be seen once when I start using the browser, but not every single time, 50 times a day!

Biggest pain in my opinion and also the reason I have stopped using Brave on iOS is this startpage with only one row of 4 icons of bookmarks and then the button to show more.

I literally have a huge screen and 90% of the viewport are not being used to show the bookmarks. I have to do an extra tap to show them.

Take a look at any other mobile browser and you will see that Brave, otherwise an genius piece of software I really adore, lacks an essential functionality.

So please:

  • turn off privacy hub, its nonsence
  • give us a way to see bookmarks from desktop on mobile
  • use the whole screen to show bookmarks

As sour said, Vivaldi and Firefox are doing much better job here. Brave can be better then them!

Thank you!

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