Feature requests for Brave (IOS version)

Things I strongly recommend to the developers to add in the Brave IOS browser:

  • A smaller app size, or data storage: “Why implement this?” You might ask. Because - This app drains my battery unusually quick, and can slow down my browsing even if I do something like reading an article for 5 minutes. Fixing this will be a tremendous help for both me and my IPad Storage. :slight_smile:

  • New or customisable UI: “Why?” I think It would be nice to add animated tabs like Firefox has on the pc version, or simply change colours of a page. (Example: Dark mode with different colours on text, maybe.) It surely would make the browser more fun and making it feel like it’s truly your own private space.

  • Customisable App Icon: “Why add this?” Honestly? I’ve seen this feature before in coding apps like GitHub, and it would be awesome if Brave had an option like this to make the app feel more interactive and different from other browsers. Would certainly make a good comparison for other sponsored browser apps.

  • Toggle off Brave Wallet, Playlist and Video Calls: Why implement this option? Well, It’s a simple but would be a very effective privacy feature, and it would be a great way to show that the developers actually care for its users. Not just easy cash. By simply adding in some toggle on/off buttons in the settings, to make those icons disabled and disappear. (That way you’ll not accidentally click on, for example, the FaceTime option and start a call with some random person by an accidental touch.) It would prove the privacy of this app that it’s truly secure and safe to use. Trust is everything when it comes to making a secure browser, and especially keeping the trust of the users using it.

  • Bold and italic/cursive fonts on pages or text/typing:”…” interfaces: “Why add these font/text options into the app settings?” - Well, because It will be a HUGE help for people like me with dyslexia. Simply adding another font or .txt element to the app would greatly improve my overall ability to even use the app, and I might even rate it higher just because I’d be so thankful if this feature could be added into the Brave app. It would truly make me support this app further, as it’d feel like the team behind Brave actually listens.