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The main reason I’m still using safari is for the reading list and reading view. I recommend adding these features.

You should make this post with request feature tag.
Edit: now it’s gone in new update but enabling side panel brings back a button(reading list) near extension group.

You can activate Reading List via brave://flags.

Type brave://flags/#read-later in the address bar → change flag’s value to Enabled → relaunch Brave.

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just updated the browser to v1.29.76 & can’t get my reading list back. any suggestions? thanks!

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Thank you, it worked but after a few days it disappeared and when I checked again it’s still marked as enabled :roll_eyes:

Most likely because developers recently disabled the feature.

Enabling side panel flag works with it.

That’s good to know. So rather than Reading List being in the toolbar, it can be viewed in the side panel if users have enabled brave://flags/#side-panel ?

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same here for me! :frowning:

@Molecola @dhour

Could you check whether enabling brave://flags/#side-panel brings back Reading List for you, as mentioned by @Jadethecat.

it doesn’t even brings up the side panel

side-panel did it for me as well! thanks @Jadethecat & @Rethanis

@Molecola for me, a new icon showed up to the left of hamburger button. i hope that helps!

Here we go, developers are looking forward to bringing back Reading List, follow the Github ticket below for updates.

Does this work for you? It doesn’t work for me. Enabling this flag has no effect whatsoever. I’ve enabled and disabled. I’ve reset to defaults, and then enabled again. No matter what I do, no reading list. Nothing in the tabs to add to a reading list. No reading list in settings/appearance.

How does it work with it? I now have a side panel, but still no reading list.

Your Side Panel doesn’t look like this?


I’ve been using it for a couple months with no issues. (The ‘Bookmarks’ part of this isn’t implemented yet as far as I can tell; but ‘Reading list’ should work.)

Nope. Nothing like that. Enabling the reading list gives me a side panel, but it’s basically the setting panel. Nothing like yours.

Did you enable it using brave://flags/#side-panel ?

What version of Brave?

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