My second feedback on brave browser (windows)

Hi Everyone,

Hereby a continuation from my previous topic: My feedback on brave browser (windows).

I’ve thought a bit more what can be added to brave, so this are the new things I came up with.

It might be a lot, but I’m just trying to be a bit innovative :blush:

To improve the productivity, the following features can be added/updated:

  • Add a focus mode, that temporary hides all unnecessary options, so you can focus on what matters.
  • Add an option by the bookmark manager to remove all duplicate bookmarks.
  • Add a option to filter all the brave://downloads/ on filetype. (look for example how the edge://downloads looks like, you can sort it on pdf, docs, apps, compressed files, video’s, photo’s, audio and others)
  • Add a option to the context menu of downloads to move the selected files to the trash bin.
  • Add a option to the context menu of downloads to move files to an other location after, also during downloading.
  • Update the ‘search on this page’ feature, make it possible to search with wildcards (take for example the wildcards used for SQL:
  • Change brave browser in a way, that if one or more tabs are crashing, the other parts of the browser keep working fine.
  • Add a easy mode, for people without any computer knowledge (mostly for older people)(add as a checkbox on the browser welcome page)
  • When downloading a web page, make it possible to save it fully as a PDF
  • Add a option somewhere to share your current tab url to a other device using sync (by showing a notification on that specific device).
  • Add a option to quickly share a url with somebody else.
  • Add a option to make a Full page screenshot (from the top to the bottom of the site)
  • Make easier to collaborate with other people
  • Improve the spell check and grammatical check, it doesn’t work fine in each language.
  • Maybe a basic video, audio and image editor/viewer can be implemented.
  • A built in video screen recorder.
  • Add a option to read a page for you.
  • Add a easy way to decode QR code’s in your browser.
  • When downloading files, check for existing duplicate files in the download directory.

To make Brave more organized, informative and flexible, the following things can be added/changed:

  • When using private tab with TOR, add a button to show the connection information from the tor network with the site you’re connected with.
  • Add a text reader mode, that hides all the unnecessary stuff, and only shows text and photos that are relevant to be seen.
  • Make it possible to export all brave data to a external file, with the option to encrypt the data within that file.
  • Make it easier to manage tabs, even when you have 40 tabs opened.
  • Add a banking mode, that makes the browser even more secure and private (for example by blocking making screenshots of the page, disabling certain extensions, etc.)
  • Add a sync now button
  • show the current sync status
  • Maybe add an card that makes it possible to show the prices of certain crypto assets (or maybe even a portfolio feature. (like the android an ios app of coinmarketcap has))
  • Add an option to download video’s and sound from any website.
  • Make keyboard shortcuts more logic, make a option that people can change them easily.
  • Upgrade the built-in Libtorrent client, it is much slower than torrent clients like qBitorrent, and it lacks features.
  • Add a RSS function.
  • Make it easier to use emoticons in the browser.

To make brave more secure and private, the following things can be added:

  • While a tor tab is opened, add a button next to the brave content blocker to reset your identity more easily.
  • While a tor tab is opened, add a button next to the brave content blocker to reset your identity more easily for that 1 website only.
  • Show the user when he is using a weak password. (without being annoying for the user) (for example:
  • Make it possible to manage the permissions of the extensions.
  • Make sure that there is no information being leaked to Google, due to old chromium code.

To make brave look better

  • Add a option that brave switches automatically between a light theme and a dark theme, depending on what time it is. (If it is night time, a dark theme is looking a bit more comfortable. While the white theme might be better during daytime.)

And as last:

This is a feature, I have thought of. And I DON’T UNDERSTAND that no browser has it yet.
My biggest annoyance on the whole internet is: A website that only accepts uploading a certain file format.

For example:

We have a website that does only accept uploading .pdf files. But you only have a .docx file that you want to upload. Uploading a .docx file is not accepted by the website. So why do browsers not have a option to convert the file directly to the format you want to upload?

So how it should look like in my opinion:

  • You select the file you want to upload, for example document.docx .
  • The website only accepts .pdf files.
  • You select on the upload screen that you want to upload document.docx as a pdf file.
  • When you click Open, the file will be converted to a document.pdf
  • The document will be uploaded as a .pdf file.

The same can you do with:

  • Video like AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, etc.
  • Sounds like MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Images like PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.
  • Documents like TXT, DOC, PPT, CSV, PDF, DOCX, etc.
  • Other formats.

If all features I mentioned here, and on My feedback on brave browser (windows) are implemented, I guess you might have the best web browser in the world.

NOTE: All ideas here, are just ideas. It might make the browser much better, but it is for you to decide what is good to implement, and what not. I’m just trying to be innovative.

I love to get feedback


Dave Hulst


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