Adding a Reading mode

Hi everyone.

When I turned my computer into a Hackintosh for about a week, and I was using Safari for a while, I realized how much I missed the reading mode in Safari. It was so helpful that you could remove all the distractions and ads and page elements to make a clean, distraction free, printer friendly article in one click.

I really love Brave, and I really don’t want to switch again, so I think that it would be really nice to add a Reading mode to Brave that’s just like how Safari has it, but on Brave, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Maybe you could even add some more features, like giving a choice of fonts in the settings. And, that speedreading feature that the Kindle app has where it will flash the words on the middle of the screen for a while (depending on the words per minute you choose and the length of the word, and the punctuation and formatting) and you can just keep looking at the same spot and you would still take in everything would be a great addition to that. One problem that I have with all the current implementations is that it doesn’t give you any time to blink, so adding something like that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


They are working on a reading mode. If you are okay with using an extension till they do, you could give Reader View a try? I use it for the time being till they get the speedreader ready.