New Features which MUST be implemented

So I’m going to list the absolutely must needed features on Brave->

  1. Fix the Sync and give an option to sync extensions.

  2. Add a Brave Extension Store and refine brave://extensions.

  3. Add Set Tabs aside (Like in Edge Legacy OR like OneTab).

  4. Add a Immersive Reader option to improve readability of Website. (Like Tranquility Reader extension or Chromium Edge)

  5. Add a collections features (Like in Edge Chromium).

  6. Don’t screw up the New Tab Wallapapers.


  8. Mute Tabs automatically

  9. Maybe add a Reading List

  10. Add tags to bookmarks (Like

  11. Add scrolling screenshot (Like in firefox)

  12. Add a facebook container

  13. Add universal video playback speed options(3x, 4x, etc) for youtube and vimeo.

  14. Add smooth scrolling.

  15. Change the Youtube Fullscreen animation (Firefox’s animation is great).

  16. Vertical Tabs

  17. Tab Preview

  18. Line focus (like on Edge Chromium)

  19. Add Progressive Web Apps (like flotato for mac )

  20. Tab Groups (like in chrome )

I hope these are implemented as soon as possible.
If Brave team implements 1) and 8-10 other features, brave will surely become the King of Browsers
I am open to suggestions and criticism.

Yes, a Reading List, please and thank you!

You are confusing a generic “web app” with Progressive Web Apps proper (PWA). PWAs already work on Chromium/Brave, just because it’s chiefly a Google project.

Another thing. Customizable New Tab like Papaly and/or BookmarkNinja.