Hide status bar and bottom bar/toolbar completely

Add option in settings to turn on or off — “Hide status bar and bottom bar/toolbar completely” (when surfing in internet) To use entire screen (100%) when browsing.

And in order to reopen the bars you need:
1-to swipe down with your finger (press on the screen and pull down with your finger) after that you will see the bottom bar (but only the bottom bar/toolbar [like now there is in the Brave browser, where it shows in the bottom thin bar the address of the site you are on])
2-and in order to fully show both the bottom bar and the status bar (the top one where the clock/battery) for this you just need to click on the small thin bottom bar at the bottom.

Why it should be seriously considered?
— In order to see sites at 100%.
Especially this feature will be convenient for those who read (a person will be able to better focus on the text, will not be distracted by the top bar such as time/how much time is now or how much is now the percentage on the battery and the bottom bar (bar where it shows what site I’m on, I already know that, why do I have to look at it every and all the time?), which yes, thin, but still takes up space and instead of seeing the content at 100% we see it at about 80% because you can see the top and bottom bars.

Also check my previous requests:
(and why such obvious things are not added to the browser remains a mystery to me)

yes especially in landscape mode, having both status bar and toolbar visible takes up 20% of screen real estate, not pretty

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