Brave Rewards Differs in each country?

Is value of brave rewards(BATS) for per ads differs from country to country?
and If so, is using vpn causes trouble?

I’m asking this out of curiosity with no bad attention cause I got dm from people asking which country gets more bats/ads.

This is very true.

Some countries have a lot more advertisers hence they get a lot more ads per hour.

The most ads they get is in the US… The list is as follows:

I wonder if it’s allowed to use vpn. (obviously it’s allowed but using it would get more ads?)

Using a VPN is not advisable since I have heard that it sometimes messes with the ads system and you may not receive any ads sometimes…

No, using a VPN to get ads from another region is considered fraud and will get your Brave Rewards wallet permanently suspended.

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you mean brave users can’t use vpn services?

You can use a VPN, but you have to use servers that are located in the same region/country as your physical location.

I mean the very use of vpn is to bypass websites and also to get acess from sites which are blocked what’s the point of using a vpn of your own country?

The main point of a VPN in general is privacy. The sites you visit can’t identify you and your exact location by your IP address.

So, brave users can use vpn or not?
There are some other Benifits also
Like some services which are only available to their country.

You can use a VPN with Brave, but you cannot participate in Brave Rewards if you use servers outside of your own country. You will have to choose between Brave Rewards and accessing those other services, or use one device for Brave Rewards and a different device for those services.

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If you just intend to use the VPN for browsing/ watching Netflix shows that aren’t in your country then its all fine.

But when you are using a VPN you won’t receive Brave ads for that specific time, but once you switch off the VPN after watching the show, everything will be back to normal.

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Unfortunately, @ItzMeRajat , that’s not true. You could still get ads from the other country, even with a VPN, and end up being permanently suspended from Brave Rewards, even if you’re not trying to use it to get ads from the other country.

Thanks for letting us know.
I might get other browsers for vpn stuff.

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It does give you the ads but you don’t get the BATs for it…

Free promotion from brave Lol

But you will still get flagged for fraud.

I have used some vpn in past but only for like 10m around without the intention like expecting more rewards.

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The flagging doesn’t happen immediately, but it will happen if you do it long enough.

True dat.

Basically Just Don’t use VPN.