Ads Showed but didn't received bat?

Hello everyone. My brave browser received a lot of ads but I can’t received any bat. Please help me.

Are you using VPN for delivering ads to you? Because according to your profile you seem to live in Myanmar and the number of active campaigns for your country is only 1.

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What in the world does using a VPN have to do with 1) what ads you see, and 2) giving us BAT when we review their ads. 95% of the ads I receive offer a 0.1 BAT and the rest give nothing. Even your web page underreports the number of ads I review by more than 7X. Do you people not know what your so called advertisers are doing (scaming) you and then us. Please get your act together or I am dropping Brave as my browser.

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No, I don’t use vpn in my computer.

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